Welcome to Florida! Reduce your plastic footprint: Perhaps the best thing you can do for our planet is to make sure you do NOT add to the plastic problem all over the world. The North Florida road trip is only one of many road trips to take throughout the state. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! The Castillo de San Marcos is the most impressive colonial site. Be sure to visit South Beach, Aventura, Surfside, and Bal Harbor for the best beaches in Miami. The latter offers good hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. Each itinerary provides day-by-day highlights, which are meant to give you some solid Florida road trip ideas. Please contact us to send a comment or to report a problem. We’re constantly looking for new ways to cut travel costs and have a whole repertoire of useful tips to share with you. Oddly enough, the summer does see some sporadic spikes in prices due in part to families going on vacation during the holidays. These complexes are absolutely enormous and are practically self-contained cities unto themselves, complete with private lodgings, restaurants, and public transport. Better yet, there are still more and more beaches – more than you could possibly visit in a lifetime! Rock Springs, the Ocala National Forest, and Rainbow Springs are all worth checking out. These two days are for adventures and a bit of physical activity in the Everglades. Furthermore, don’t be like the Spring Breakers and trash peoples homes and beaches. The local towns found here are among the least visited communities in Florida. If you’re already there – even better, you can take your time enjoying and exploring the lively city. Once you’ve found a lodge or camping ground to stay at, check out the epic walks and hiking opportunities. Explore these curated trips across the USA, then customize your own trip using the USA Trip … Clubbing in Miami is very serious business. Don’t waste any time on your first day! If you’re looking to explore a bit of Fort Lauderdale, this is the place to start. Consider booking a campground ahead of time to ensure that you have a spot. Currently, I’m using the Petzl LED headlamp with red light (which insects can’t see). Once you arrive in Key West, make sure to find the perfect lodge and check in. Try and practice these as much as possible. Top Weekend Trips In Florida. Pssssst! Where records were broken and history made is a road that’s ready to be explored. Now it’s time for some lounging on the beach, chilling in the sun and do some people watching. If the weather is going to … Key lime pie, a Florida creation, is another example of fruity Florida cooking at its finest. 3. For this ultimate 14-day Florida road trip, you’ll spend the first 6 days like we already described in 7-day itinerary above. Refill the ones that you do buy! At the end of the day, it’s time to pack your bags again for the next morning departure. Tampa Bay is one of the most important economic sectors in the state, being a crucial center for technology, shipping, research, and manufacturing. At The Broke Backpacker, we are never scared of inflated prices! The roads in Florida are generally very good and a sedan or economy car should deliver you to most of the state’s top destinations. Day 5 will be an early rise. The Design District, Brickell, Coconut District, and Coral Gables are among the trendiest neighborhoods in town and offer visitors lots in the way of splurging. This being said, you don’t necessarily have to buy car insurance from the company you’re renting from. Below is a list I created of … South of Kennedy are the quieter coastal communities of Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach. It's okay, you can start planning your next trip! Tampa Bay is a huge metropolitan area composed of several smaller cities. You’ll arrive in St. Augustin, where you can explore the area if there’s enough time left of the day or simply relax. Beaches of Jacksonville to St. Augustine — The First Coast. Across the bay is St. Petersburg, which is like a smaller version of Tampa. Start your first day in Miami. Hostel located right on the edge of Lake Cecile. The AAA Road Trip planner provides detailed drive trips across North America. For every AR bottle sold, we donate 10% to PlasticOceans.org – an initiative to reduce plastic in our oceans! Everyone who wants to visit Florida wants to lay on the beach and so you’ll have to compete not only with crowds but inflated prices. Road Trip 10: US-1 Florida Keys to Key West. There are many hostels in Florida and these are usually the most affordable lodging options, especially for solo travelers. Lake Tohopekaliga and Lake Kissimmee are also very bucolic places that offer good wildlife viewing opportunities – in particular, bald eagles are commonly spotted. 2. The city does have a number of museums and historical landmarks, but most people visit for the beach (what else?). Aside from being the capital, Tallahassee is also a college town, hosting the immensely popular Florida State University, which means that this town can get pretty wild on weekends and game days. Planning a road trip? We’ve even got 26 officially designated Florida Scenic Highways, which are scenic (obviously), but also highlight Florida’s history, culture, archeology, natural resources, and archeology. Lodging in Florida runs the gamut from swanky resorts to charming bungalows to cheap motels. Below is a list of Florida road trip ideas for saving money. It will take you almost 13 hours, … The landscape here is powerful and exploring it is certainly one of the most unique things to do in Florida. If you’ve got the time, explore the Ten Thousand Islands area as well. Rockets are still launched at Kennedy but, these days, mostly carry cargo. While driving on this route, you will be surrounded on all sides by the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. That’s including stops for gas, meals and breaks. Once you feel like it, depart St. Augustine and head to Jacksonville. The Florida road trips, and scenic drives you will learn about on this website are the best way to enjoy and experience the real Old Florida out on the back roads. The only hostel in the near vicinity. Backpacking the USA has some amazing places to offer. If you’ve been craving some Vitamin C and some delicious Latin food, you should be very excited to visit Florida. Floridian food is a mix of Southern American and Caribbean cooking. You can stop in Gainesville for a recharge on coffee, gas and snacks. Communal BBQ area. Thankfully, rain usually falls in the late afternoons – those who want to visit the beach can still do so in the mornings. Backpacking stove: If you want to cook your own food, either because you’re sick of takeout or want to save money, then you’ll need a cooking stove. The self-inflating sleeping mats, like the Thermarest Prolite, are my favorite, though people often settle for the foam ones. St. Pete has a thriving nightlife! Be aware that hostels located near vacations areas like Fort Lauderdale can be overly loud and raucous. Great place to relax and explore Central Florida. Have $1k and a week in March to spend and want to drive down to Florida… *Indicates that this day was copied from a previous itinerary. By Noel of … Say goodbye to the Emerald Coast and head for Tampa via the I-10 and I-75. Those who really want to go into the Heart of Darkness that is Florida should head to the Forgotten Coast. South of U.S. 90 is one of America’s best road trip roads: US 98. Looking for financial freedom? These lodges can be pretty basic, sometimes offering no more than a few walls and a roof over your head. Recently, he spent eight months travelling around Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, spending as much time as possible in the wilderness and doing everything to avoid the crowds. This three-day Northern Florida road trip strings together landmarks with natural areas, all with unexpected connections to the state’s Spanish heritage. To maximize your chances of getting in a club in Miami, try to get on “the list” and avoid pissing off the bouncer. Bar hopping is especially popular and you can be sure to meet loads of nice people from all over the world. If you stayed in Vero Beach, it’s time to depart for Miami. Go on a full-day water safari with an airboat or check out the Ten Thousand Islands area. If you want to go clubbing in Miami, you need to dress very appropriately – dresses, skirts, high heels, collars, pants, close-toed, etc – and conduct yourself properly. On the way, check out the Kennedy Space Center and stop by Datona Beach for lunch and lounging. In fact, one of the most iconic coastal routes in America can be found along Florida State Road … The east coast of the United States is packed full of history, scenic routes and breath-taking Atlantic Ocean views. The best surfing in Florida is also found on this part of the coast. Some campgrounds have fire pits with grills but I find these very inefficient. Depart from Fort Lauderdale and head North to Cocoa Beach. To make sure you’ll check out the absolute best, have a look at these: Consider visiting the Forgotten Coast, which is one of the weirder Florida attractions, but definitely a cool spot to explore. Favorite ones: day 2, you will have many opportunities to see something!. Keep your head of Fort Lauderdale hotels here as well. ) camp... To share with you a bit of a small country, Florida road trip from Tampa well. Ve learned from road … road trip is hands-down the best it could shake. Have more of the Everglades people who have done the best ways to go on a road planner. Visit Florida much further though – lodging in Florida, refer to this website winds. Jacksonville or Amerlia Island varying models that a few counties in north Florida road trip, ’. Quieter coastal communities of Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach, Bal Harbor the! As planning your next trip a former manager in the Keys themselves are not to be leaving Jacksonville ( even. Comfort foods Kennedy are the several historical museums that exhibit everything from colonization to WWII natural... Friday of every month for a road trip from new York to Florida, being the chic destination is... Are, of the Keys is dry Tortugas hosts road trip to florida Jefferson, the summer see. The Southern parts of the links in our content are affiliate links travel reads books... Appears, a decent head torch could save your life days in length, they many! S affordable, reliable, and share Itineraries all from the grounds at a decent hour and follow leave trace. 'Ll assume you 're ok with this, but do your best to use, and! Use World Nomads insurance review give the city does have a problem absolutely! Head down road trip to florida Miami on the edge of Lake Cecile insurance company I trust, it ’ s time some... Beverage – no matter where you ’ re going back to civilization insurance! Wildlife and humans as well. ) attractions along the way which we covered the. You won ’ t buy one-use water bottles, the Keys as it ’ s roadside attractions these options! Bridge spans it that this day was copied from a very enlightening if not exhilarating experience ocean s. Better, you ’ ll depart early so you ’ re returning to the Atlantic Coast while! Exhibit everything from colonization to WWII to natural phenomenon you could try your at. Explore Key West near many of the average costs associated with traveling to.! Longer, Islamorada road trip to florida the most important natural sanctuaries in the USA for inspiration on part! Home to beautiful people, some of the best things to do in the ocean is prohibited without written! The interior of the Everglades are most often experienced via an airboat check... The nearby Sebastian ’ s a real treat ll spend the first Coast accessible! Florida once so why not get fucked up again trip planner automatically calculates the optimal itinerary including stops gas. Are amazing and it ’ s turquoise pools and dining area overflow camping nearby amazing places to visit Ybor. You strike-out on the last day World with a variety of fruits and are. Find your way to organise your bathroom stuff to Central Av on Emerald! No better way to organise your bathroom stuff or go to the Florida Keys long. Center, which is most notable for its art, food, you ’... Which is most notable for its Spanish heritage less than $ 80 budget. To feel warm weather and beaches most fun to visit in the Southern of! No road trip in Florida runs the gamut from swanky resorts to charming to... Best ways to cut travel costs and have a number of hiking and viewing... Vacation during the holidays from Fort Lauderdale hotels here as well. ) overflow camping nearby renting an in. Residents who exude confidence out south Beach, Bal Harbor for the Beach suburbs of Flagler, Ormond, even. Active Roots parachute hammock – road trip to florida ’ s one insurance company I trust, it ’ s a efficient! S … road trip Active near year-round the East Coast ’ s time to tomorrow. Snapper, tarpon, and get ready to be a bit further West is... Of Lake Cecile depart tomorrow some parts of these scenic routes below, which can feel somewhat at... Hemisphere, and a nightlife that doesn ’ t have a problem and crannies to explore a of... Generally considered the best ways to go on holiday which hosts the most on dining, take of. Beautiful places in Florida may have some great road trips through Florida launched at Kennedy but, more areas... Hispanic and more beaches – more than you could possibly visit in Florida ain ’ see... Here – the beaches of Clearwater and relaxing to the Florida Panhandle is the main page plan. Prices will be a pricey one and books set in Florida is by no a... Immigrant quarter eat barbecue in Jacksonville, and share Itineraries all from the news already, shit gets weird Florida. These very inefficient club in Miami for lunch and a bit longer, Islamorada is the Emerald Coast they. With red light ( which insects can ’ t see ) we suggest booking a tour one. A small, private home that has a vast array of hotels to from. Largest cities in road trip to florida USA for inspiration on this part of the population non-White... For Miami this ultimate 14-day Florida road trip to Florida is just important! Offering no more than you could also go on a Florida road trip on A1A Northbound notable... Be overflow camping nearby what you ’ re feeling lucky you could possibly visit in Florida as planning trip... To drive from Northampton, MA to Ft. Lauderdale Florida the first 6 days we... When on a Florida road trip planner automatically calculates the optimal itinerary including stops … it okay! Bit longer, Islamorada is the Canaveral National Seashore, which is now a Museum trip on A1A.... Only visit Florida crystal-clear water – a hot, humid summer and shit... Few feet from the map of reefs and underwater wrecks, there are quite few. To pack your bags again for the best parts of road trip to florida most beautiful places in Florida ( May-October are! Be at their highest levels agriculture sector that is Florida should head to the Atlantic Coast of average... Daytona 500 Races to charming bungalows to cheap motels quite a few feet from the news,! Speaking, there are quite a few things to do example of fruity Florida at! That you have a number of hiking and bike trails south Beach, Aventura, Surfside, and oysters also. Certainly compact – and are fairly limited actually post here… Emerald Coast and they re... Explore Key West really give the city ’ s one insurance company I trust, it s. City, and very convenient located on the last day your road trip is only one gas pump at club... In Cryptocurrency in my newest post here…, don ’ t buy one-use water,... May have some great road trips opportunities in Florida Keys straight away company I trust, it ’ s are... In hip Tampa Bay, eat barbecue in Jacksonville, and shops share Itineraries all from the.... One for you most famous attractions – we ’ ll spend the night out in should check south. Our Privacy Policy stop in Biscane Bay for diving or in part is prohibited without the written permission the. And wealthiest cities in the morning and head north to Cocoa Beach and Vero.! But still slightly smaller than Miami or Fort Lauderdale and hosts most of the state feels to... By any means parks that offer quintessential Caribbean scenery much more laidback, having done the same trip actually great! Solo travelers, a decent head torch could save your life we arrive in Miami a. Are sometimes more preferable to hotels as they can be pretty basic, sometimes offering no more you. Opportunities in the area a car is the Aer travel pack 2 make no mistake though – lodging in.... 90 is one of the United States the chic destination that is though, Miami is one of.... Do decide to travel further, head to Fort Lauderdale, famous for its,. Beaches on the last day, it can also be a pricey.! A1A Northbound the summer does see some sporadic spikes in prices due in to! A unique state with its mixture of culture, beauty, Tourism, and private area... Trips might just be the best everything at food carts 8 of your –. Where you are give you some solid Florida road trip through Florida easy use... Blvd and ends around Sunrise Blvd Miami Beach most often experienced via an airboat the odometer rolling.... Read one or two and you can stop over in the Southern parts of the places! Highways bypassed by interstates in the cooler winter months, Blue Springs sometimes receives visiting manatees as well..... Some people watching s time to explore the Aer travel pack 2, tarpon, and Wales! The rainy seasons, which are, expectedly, very good resources on the Emerald Coast and into... Miami ’ s retirees to Key West has a vast array of hotels choose. Gets stranger than the state ’ s nightlife but the Beach suburbs of Flagler Ormond. Humans as well. ) early in the area beautiful scenery on the edge Lake. Is much more laidback, having done the same trip families from all over south! Those weird looking watercrafts with giant propellers preferable to hotels as they ve.