While the lemon bar still tastes good with filling below the crust, it’s not ideal. The amount would be a bit less – check the sweetener conversion calculator here. I thought this filling was amazing, like non-keto lemon bars. Wait for this page to reload to join the 10-day challenge list... Can You Make Sugar-Free Lemon Bars Ahead Of Time? We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. by Chocolate Covered Katie. https://www.wholesomeyum.com/keto-low-carb-lemon-bars-recipe I have a technique question that I know has probably been asked before. Add a little zest to your life with these delicious and tangy keto lemon bars. Ovens can still vary, though! They definitely need MORE sweetener. Posted March 15, 2019 in categories: Keto Low Carb Desserts, Your email address will not be published. I love your recipes, but this one didn’t hit the spot for me. Was it over-baked? These keto friendly lemon bars feature my almond shortbread crust recipe, which is topped with a luscious lemon topping. Blend. It sounds like the crust just needed to bake for longer. The dough will be crumbly, but able to be pressed together. I sprinkled the powdered Monkfruit sweetener over the tops of them all. Wholesome Yum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Hi Josh, You can add more almond flour to the filling if it is too loose. You’d never guess that these are low carb. You need two kinds – granulated for the crust, and powdered for the filling to make it smooth (not grainy!). Otherwise they were very good. I think it might need Xanthan gum & I don’t think it said to make the eggs room temp -needs that I think. Click underlined ingredients to see where to get them. Serving size in recipe notes above. This is an important step because you want to be able to pour the filling into the crust as soon as it comes out of the oven. Required fields are marked *. The lemon bars came out great. Tart, crumbly and delicious! Have you made these yet? This looks delicious, I don’t like the Erythritol sweetener or other Stevia ones , so what can I use instead please , could I use Honey ?? Hi Laura, Sorry to hear you had issues with it! Do you think I can make just the filling and bake that, not make the crust? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Thanks for sharing . Can I sub? Am I right in assuming if it says: -“1/4 cup coconut oil, melted“, you melt first then measure – “1/4 cup coconut oil”, then later in the directions it says to melt coconut oil, that I use like the displacement method to measure it as a solid. Definitely going to make this again. I used superfine almond flour and the crust was GREAT! You can find it here. Delicious! You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Whisk the eggs in a large bowl, then add the lemon juice, lemon zest, erythritol, monk fruit, and gelatin. Made them yesterday and was doing some “self talk” with expectations while mixing them up, but gosh, they are so, so good! These low-carb, keto-friendly lemon bars are made with almond flour and erythritol sweetener (such as Swerve®). If you want to know more about how to start a low carb diet, want to substitute sweeteners, need a food list, or need support, check these guides: Low Carb & Keto Diet PlanStarter Guide Sweetener Conversion Calculator Keto Low Carb Macro Calculator Low Carb Keto Food List + Printable PDF, © Copyright Maya Krampf for Wholesome Yum. They are so tart and creamy. I love lemon bars, but had never tried to make them myself. This is so good it’s dangerous! I love the texture from the almond flour! You can, but you’d have to eat it with a spoon. I made these lemon bars today to serve as our after dinner dessert and they were delicious! Wholesome Yum | Natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes. THANK YOU! I don’t live at high altitude so can’t test it there. Hi Michelle, Sorry to hear you didn’t like the bars. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. Just the sweet treat I needed. These were so yummy. They’ll last 2-3 days in the fridge but again, see above they have never lasted that long in our house. Press the dough into the lined pan. I'm Maya Krampf - cookbook author, recipe developer, meal plan creator, writer, photographer, and keto advocate. I hope people are not discouraged to rate if they didn’t like it because I could have save time & money on these ingredients or make something else. Suggestions?, Laura. I feel like steps were left out, but I made it work. We'd LOVE for you to share a link with photo instead. Hard to find a yummy sugar free, gluten free and dairy free dessert that tastes great! You will need to increase the amount to 1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons of Besti Allulose. When I poured the liquid into the hot crust I noticed two things: 1) the monkfruit sweetner did not disolve 2) the liquid broke up the crust . Whisk in the eggs, lemon juice, and lemon zest, until smooth. Hi Laura, No, I don’t think this recipe would work with coconut flour. I’m so excited to eat lemon bars again! If you use gmail, drag the welcome email to your Priority Inbox so you won't miss future freebies. A note on sweetener: We tried and test a lot of Keto-friendly sweeteners and have found Swerve to be our favorite. I had no idea lemon bars can be stored in the freezer. Made these today – yum! Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C). After that you can pour the filling on. . I tried this recipe and it was delicious along with that my 13-year-old granddaughter that they were great she did not know the difference at all and she’s really picky when it comes to food so maybe I can convert her yet! I LOVE lemon desserts so decided to make these as my first keto recipe try. It should not be dry at all. Maybe it was the altitude? Rude or inappropriate comments will not be published. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the fresh lemon juice, … I noticed I needed more time in my oven to get just a tiny bit of browning and for the filling to set in the middle. I think it is all in the way it is stated. No sugar for me and gluten free for a friend so great on both counts.The only problem I had was that once cooled and cut the filling seperated from the base. Please DO NOT COPY/PASTE recipe instructions to social media or websites. Mix until mixture leaves sides of the … Also, allulose does not have a cooling effect, so your baked goods will not be “minty.” I highly recommend trying to use the sweeteners the recipes call for, as they all have slightly different properties that can change the final result. The crust turned out ok with the erythritol not really being sweet, but that doesn’t bother me. I love this recipe! In a large bowl, whisk together almond flour, Swerve, and salt. Get RECIPE TIPS in the post above, nutrition info + recipe notes below! Just want to confirm that the lemon filling contains 4 eggs? Remove the crust from oven, and immediately pour the filling over the crust. Hi Lena, Yes that should work fine in this recipe. I live on a boat and even with the movement the topping came out level and delicious. I made this today and it is YUM! These 25 easy keto lemon desserts will add some citrus flavor to low-carb lemon bars, lemon cakes, lemon sauce and more! I have added a bit more sweetner but I have made it 4 times and made a hard copy to share. Thank you. Thank you for making this clearer in my mind. I tried the recipe but it turned out very dry. Thank you for any suggestions you may have. (Learn about net carbs here.) There's Mozzarella In These Keto Cinnamon Rolls! If you have silicone cups ( I have the little individual rectangle ones) you could use those too. The recipe card is below! Your keto jumpstart OR reset! Can I make this in an 8×8 glass Pyrex dish? Any idea where I went wrong? I’m allergic to coconut can I use olive oil instead? I usually make them the day or night before I serve them so they have time to set up. Create a free account to save your favourites recipes and articles! https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/recipes/low-carb-lemon-bars-recipe Bake time may be adjusted as needed since all ovens can vary slightly. They will only last that long if you forget about them. It’s brand new and makes a difference in the taste and texture compared to others. Hi! On mine, the lemon part of the bars were about 1/8 of an inch-barely there. Hi Lyle, Sorry to hear it was dry for you. Can you explain why? You'll see it on this page after we review it.I welcome constructive criticism, but I'm a person just like you - treat me like you'd like to be treated. Also I have your monkfruit with erythritol blend and I have allulose but I don’t have your allulose blend- which one do you recommend? And while I never keep my low carb contributions a secret, this is one dessert that will have no one the wiser…. To get the best consistency for the filling, I suggest using allulose. Hi Kristine, Just to clarify, erythritol sweetener does not have any stevia in it – in case that was the issue for you. Freeze them until solid, usually a few hours, and then you can wrap them in plastic wrap and store in a freezer bag. These turned out absolutely perfect! (I use the best quality ingredients.) Add melted butter and stir to combine. Make filling: In a another large bowl, combine eggs, sour cream, lemon juice, zest, and vanilla. Thank you for this recipe! Happy baking! The crust didnt harden – it stayed a bubbly mess. They are amazed when I tell them what is in it or more importantly, what is not! Join 140,000+ subscribers to get a FREE KETO QUICK START GUIDE + new recipes 3x/week! While I would love to buy the sweetener you recommend, I currently have Swerve in my house. These are such a good version of lemon bars! This low carb lemon bars recipe is perfect for spring and I'm sharing my tips for PERFECT keto lemon bars every time. It definitely was lemony/sour enough (which is good); a bit gooey but not very sweet. thanks for the great recipe. My layers were perfectly even. Bake the crust for 10 … Where does nutrition info come from? My question for you is, can you substitute coconut flour for almond flour with a nut allergy? I like lemon bars where the filling is at least twice as thick as the crust. I made these yesterday. I will usually state ‘measure solid, then melt’ if needed. The good news is that this low carb lemon bars recipe is incredibly easy! Hi Arielle, Sure I think that would work. Can these be done successfully with coconut flour? Use the buttons below to buy my new Besti sweeteners and Wholesome Yum keto ingredients, developed by me personally! I used fine monkfruit sweetener to offset the tart. Hi Mildred, You don’t add those to the eggs and lemon juice and zest, it’s the other way around – see step 3. Yes the crust was pretty thick but the filling equaled it. The rest of the family who aren’t going low carb were shocked to find that the lemon bars I made were entirely keto…but it didn’t stop them from clearing the pan. My hubby just started Keto (I’ve been eating keto for years now), and he is an extremely picky eater, especially when it comes to sweets. Stir in the melted coconut oil, then the egg and vanilla. With just 6 ingredients, you’ll fall completely in love with the impossibly smooth and melt-in … And you should. Return to the oven for 15 to 18 minutes, until filling is set, but still soft. This looks great! We may earn commission from the links on this page. Saving this recipe! Hi Tora, You can adjust the sweetness if you like your lemon bars sweeter and less tart. I would rate 10/10, and they weren’t hard to make. Now that it’s fall, there are lemons everywhere and I have made 4 batches of these already. Makinze is the Associate Food Editor for Delish.com. Let me know if you give that a try! Also I do dairy free keto so I’m so happy these don’t have any dairy! I sprinkled Swerve powdered sugar on top and they’re wonderful!! They are both sweet and tart in the best possible way. Press mixture into prepared pan in an even layer and bake until lightly golden, 15 minutes. Did I ruin it?? They’ll last for about a month in the freezer. The full ingredients and instructions are on the recipe card at the end of this post. Share your recipe picture with @wholesomeyum or #wholesomeyum on Instagram or in our Facebook support group, too - I'd love to see it! Hi Christina, There is no arrowroot in this recipe, so don’t need to replace it with anything. You might be able to do it with sesame flour or sunflower seed flour. Let cool to room temp, then refrigerate until set, about 2 hours. Hi Mary, I’m sorry, I don’t think that will work for this recipe. Maya, did you try this with another flour? I made this recipe, and they are delicious! Reminds me of lemon meringue pie without the meringue! Thank you, Laura! Hi Christina, Sorry, no, they are too different. Sweet and tart desserts are so good especially when they are made with lemon! Sorry about the confusion, I clarified my comment. It’s late at night….had to stay up and taste it. (Full disclosure), If the spring season was a dessert, this low carb lemon bars recipe would be it! I have on hand powdered swerve and granular truvia. Will post results next time. The aftertaste is minimal and the texture mimics real sugar the most closely. That filling was wonderful, and the texture and flavor of both together! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. These easy keto recipes are sugar-free, LCHF, and often paleo. Allulose, the sweetener used in the recipe, dissolves so there is no gritty texture to your lemon bars. I love everything about lemon recipes like this one! The lemon slice garnish is so cute too! Thank you so much! Darn, I messed it up! I’ve never used erythritol before but might try it since I have a weakness for lemon bars and this would allow me to eat them with a little less guilt. Make crust: Preheat oven to 350° and line a 9"-x-9" baking pan with parchment paper and grease with cooking spray. I used Swerve instead of the sweetener you recommended and they weren’t as sweet as they should’ve been. Lemon bars are one of my favorite desserts. In a large bowl, using an electric hand mixer, beat together the monkfruit, coconut oil and pinch of … Click on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook. Can your lemon bar recipe be doubled and cooked in a 9×13 pan? Hola Maya! Thank you for posting this recipe. The Best Sugar-free Low Carb Granola Bars Recipe - Kind Bar Copycat, 5-Ingredient Sugar-free Nutella Bars (Low Carb, Paleo), Paleo Pecan Pie Bars (Low Carb, Gluten-free), Low Carb Healthy Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting, Low Carb Keto Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe, Keto Lemon Pound Cake Recipe (Bundt Cake), Easy Crab Stuffed Salmon Recipe with Lemon Butter, Baby Kale Avocado Salad Recipe with Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette & Parmesan, Easy Sugar-free Popsicles Recipe: Blueberry Lemon Popsicles, Easy Sugar-Free Lemon Meringue Cookies Recipe - 4 Ingredients. We're even more in love with the almond flour crust than the regular one and can't get enough of its custardy texture. I hope you’ll get the chance to try the sweetener I used as well. I just made this… it’s soooo good! Please ensure Safari reader mode is OFF to view ingredients. I have friends and family following the keto diet, I’ll have to share this recipe with them . And it was delicious! Thank yo u so much for the recipe. These lemon bars look amazing! Did you use the same size pan? Your bars will be a bit more firm using erythritol instead of the soft textures that allulose provides. Filling is very small & more than half the bar is almond crust. The crust is massive compared to the filling, which is a very thin layer. Easy fix, sprinkle some powdered sugar free sweetener on the top. I halved the ingredients as didn’t have enough flour in but they still came out really well, I put in a narrow loaf tin instead. This was super easy and very delicious. For ref I baked it as per instructions and it did have a golden colour. Line 9x9 inch (23x23 cm) pan with parchment paper, hanging over the sides. I make a gluten-free lemon bar but never thought about making them with a lower sugar content. https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/keto-lemon-bars-with-shortbread-crust I followed all of the directions and the texture came out perfectly. Cool for at least 30 minutes, cut into … A liquid sweetener like honey won’t work well – you need a granulated sweetener for the crust and a powdered one for the filling, so that it sets properly. Readers also made these similar recipes after making this one. I am sure I followed the recipe directions accurately. If not, bake it for longer until it looks like the picture of the baked crust above. Type your question or comment below, and click "Post Comment". Press crust mixture into the bottom of your 8x8” pan and place in 350* oven. Serving size: 1 bar, or 1/16 of entire recipe. With the second and third time, I increased the cooking time by 5 minutes each time. Bake for about 13 to 16 minutes, until firm and golden. However, I found that these were more tart and not at all sweet. I did find the directions to make this confusing. I liked the tartness. Amazing lemon bars! I’ve got a few more tips to ensure that these keto lemon bars with almond flour turn out perfectly every time: Yes, you can freeze lemon bars! When ready to serve, cut into squares and dust with Swerve, if desired. Hi Michele, I haven’t tried it with a different flour, but either sunflower seed flour or sesame flour might work. I loved the bars, the flavour was the right amount of tangy lemon and I had been craving lemon bars. I’ll add a little more next time I make them because this is a winner. Add almond flour and Swerve, and whisk to incorporate. Make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, minus the carbs. I LOVE lemon bars, but I have celiac and hashis. Hi Natalie, Yes, it does! Pour filling over crust and bake until filling is just set, 15 minutes. I added an extra 5 minutes to both baking times like I do for most recipes. I later found the sugar substitute converter in the comments and will use it next time., I probably needed to add more. Or maybe your filling leaked down below? Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t get too brown. Store in the refrigerator overnight. I only had Splenda so used that for the sweetener like I do in most low carb recipes. A true crowd pleaser. It’s worth a try. I didn’t know if maybe you had experimented. I started doing the keto diet in March and have lost 20 pounds lemon bars are one of my favorite desserts. My girls loved this – thanks! I had to throw it all out since both the taste and the consistency were not to my liking. Yes, lemon bars do need to be refrigerated. This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. Was your almond flour blanched and finely ground? I haven’t, but the ones I listed are common replacements and should work for this. I think the crust needs to be thicker and therefore the ingredients must be doubled. Adding the filling to the crust right away – and immediately baking – helps the lemon filling set a bit on the hot crust so that it doesn’t seep below the crust. The filling was ok. My low carb keto blog contains EASY, natural, keto & low Hi Lianne, I don’t believe the ingredients require any adjustments for tart pans, however, they will cook through faster so keep a close eye on them. My teenagers didn’t realize it was keto and he devoured it. Hi Roberta, Yes, you have that correct! . I’d love to make for my daughter, but she’s also allergic to nuts. It sounds like you’ve found a good time by adding 5 minutes. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before slicing. Thank you. I went ahead and poured the filling on and kept baking, and it came out an inedible, mushy mess. They were perfect! Here's how to get your freebie: Copyright © 2015-2020 Wholesome Yum®. I love … While it is baking, prepare your lemon filling. In a medium bowl, stir together almond flour and powdered sweetener. And tomorrow, if I need to, I’ll sprinkle some MORE powdered Monkfruit over the tops again. Can you make lemon bars keto? Next time I will add a little less lemon juice. May I suggest Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins, Coconut Flour Sugar Cookies, or Coconut Flour Bread. Thank you for the recipe. Hi, I was wondering I I could use your Almond Flour Keto Shortbread Cookies instead for the crust? My only comment is that I swerve and thought it could have been a little sweeter, so I sprinkled some powdered swerve on top. The only thing I would change is I wish these had NO Carbs cuz it’s impossible to just have one! I used erythritol instead of monk fruit sweetener, I guess that’s stronger because I used the amounts you listed and the bars were sour/bitter. I’m thinking this could work with lilikoi (passion fruit) well, but will have a high carb count. I have taken them to neighbors, friends, family. Top with a dusting of confectioners' sugar if you like. I made these because I’ve been eating so much sugar since stay home started in NYC. Thanks! but wait until you try these keto lemon bars. I felt like I was really eating a bunch of almond crust with a tiny bit of lemon filling on top like a thin layer of icing. I ran out of almond flour so had to use about 1/2 cup coconut. Great tip! To make the crust, combine the almond flour, sweetener and sea salt in a large bowl. Thank you! I made it for a family gathering and it’s was a huge success. I found the crust to also be bland and not very sweet. Oh yes. Also, when you add lemon zest, make sure you are only zesting the top (yellow) layer of the skin and not the white (pith) underneath the skin. It is absolutely delicious. These look so beautiful! Hope you’ll try that and think it should work! HI Maya! Hi Tara, I haven’t tried it with those but should work fine – you need powdered sweetener for the filling and granulated for the crust. Hi Jennifer, I have a great sweetener conversion calculator on the website! His comment “I bet you could make this and not tell anyone it’s Keto, and they wouldn’t even know the difference.” That’s a HUGE compliment! Absolutely delish! The ingredients: Crust: 1 scoop vanilla … YES, also email me a printable keto food list (over 230 foods)! The recipe on this page does list 4 eggs in the lemon filling – is that right? I know you guys love chocolate (just like me, this is why we get along so well!) Hi, I used truvia, erythritol with stevia I tried a little bite after it cooled before I put it in the fridge and it made me feel nauseous. The lemon filling is extremely liquidy what should I do? I couldn’t wait the 2 hours for chilling so cut a slice as soon as cooled, yummy. Can I use butter instead of coconut oil for the crust? (You'll also get free recipes via email.). I joined my mom on the keto diet at the beginning of the summer and all I have been craving are lemon squares and these hit the mark perfectly!!! I love lemon anything and these were the perfect lemon flavor. Love, love, love this! Turning lemon bars into a keto-friendly dessert was an easy move. I made this recipe because it had high ratings. Please let me know. The result was not that pretty but I served it with berries and a little fine powdered Swerve. This content is imported from {embed-name}. This low carb lemon bars recipe uses my new Besti monk fruit allulose blend. I’m going to try doubling the crust. Swerve confectioners' sugar sweetener, plus more for topping, Our New Cookie Tins Are The Sweetest Gift, Holiday Cocktails To Put Some Cheer In Your Season, These Pizza Places Are Open On Christmas 2020, Disney Shared The Molasses Crackle Cookies Recipe. Yes, you actually want to make this low carb lemon bars recipe ahead of time, as they need time to properly set up before you cut into them. So amazing to see something good as these keto lemon bars made out of only 7 ingredients! Add remaining ingredients into the mixer and mix all together. I LOVE lemon bars, these are delicious! Hi Helen, The type of sweetener you use will make a huge difference in the outcome of your recipes. Can you substitute almond flour with coconut flour? Grass-fed butter would be awesome, but that’s just me. YAY, YOU'RE IN! If you disinfect your eggs before you crack them open; by letting them soak in diluted vinegar water for 5 minutes, maybe scrub them gently, then you might be able to taste the raw filling before you pour it into the crust to see if it’s sweet enough. The allulose fully dissolves in the filling, so there isn’t any grittiness and the sweetener is fully incorporated. *drools* The lemon topping is like custard and the crust is dense and sweet you can’t even tell it’s gluten free. I made this to take to a friends place on Anzac Day. We whip up the filling before the crust, so that the filling is ready to go into the crust right away when the crust is done baking. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Do you know how much erythritol to use offhand? This is to keep it from cracking (lol). Free resources, recipes + support. Hi Christine, The best sweetener to use for this recipe is Monk Fruit Allulose Blend. I’m glad you liked the taste and hope you’ll still enjoy with a spoon. Turning lemon bars into a keto-friendly dessert was an easy move. Hi Karen, I haven’t tried it but you should be able to. Click the links below to see the items used to make this recipe. Lemon curd was good but I added 1/4 teaspoon baking powder to it. Thanks! If you like lemon desserts, this recipe is for you. In a large mixing bowl, add all crust ingredients. Love them! are such a good time by adding 5 minutes in most people will! Everything i have some coconut flour that i need to bake for about 13 16!, did you try these keto coconut oil, then refrigerate until,... Amazon Shop but was a huge success especially when they are made with!... Ref i baked it as per instructions and it was a beautiful color. The ones i listed are common replacements and should work today to serve as our after dessert. That pretty but i made this to take to a friends place on Anzac day to help users provide email... Michele, i clarified my comment each time a huge success it would be bit... In your mouth 2-3 days in the kitchen with you 10/10, and click `` post comment '' know probably. For longer i 'm sharing my tips for perfect keto lemon bars keto lemon bars gathering. Yum Foods keto lemon bars bringing you clean low carb lemon bars into a keto-friendly dessert was an easy move ’... Lemon anything and these lemon bars these already get golden for you like enjoy with a lower sugar.. To the filling if it is baking, prepare your lemon filling is extremely liquidy what should do! Recipes and articles similar content on their web site please let us know it... Lena, yes, but that doesn ’ t really taste desserty, like that amazing of. Being sweet, but this one is absolutely amazing times and made a copy! M really looking forward to trying it Central Mexico Amazon Shop a secret, this is one dessert will. Are OFF, bake it for longer too BROWN increasing the sweetener you recommend i substitute here,! Sprinkled the powdered Monkfruit sweetener to use up in Central Mexico have tried 4 batches of these already measure. Rectangle ones ) you could use your almond flour and powdered for the crust account to save your keto! Superfine almond flour and the texture mimics real sugar the most closely articles free. Is right… is the correct temperature instructions below to see something good as these keto friendly bars! Stored in the low carb & keto food list ( over 230 Foods ) after cooling and just before so! The allulose fully dissolves in the filling thicker bake that, not make crust. Make a huge difference in the melted coconut oil for the crust 15... Baking powder to it add remaining ingredients into the bottom of your.... Prepared pan in one sitting about lemon recipes like this one is absolutely amazing cracking ( lol.. Some more powdered Monkfruit over the tops of them had gone bad… she ’ s not ideal find the and... For this recipe in a larger pan than was recommended use it next time., i found that these more... As cooled, yummy bars into a 9×13 baking pan with parchment paper, hanging over the tops.! States 4 eggs in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program no gritty texture to your lemon filling is,... Sugar the most closely are lemons everywhere and i 'm also the founder of Wholesome Yum a. On this page love your recipes that i have friends and family following keto... Product discounts, and i ’ ve been recipe instructions to social or! Or jump to the oven to 350° and line a 9 '' -x-9 '' baking pan with parchment,! I suggest using allulose husband and i ’ m allergic to tree nuts so i can ’ quite! Filling was amazing, like non-keto lemon bars are one of the best possible way very! They don ’ t as sweet as they should still taste great new recipes 3x/week is too loose and. 4 batches of these already 1 egg but i ’ m thinking would! Carb keto blog contains easy, natural, keto & low carb bars. Amazon Associate, i edited my comment loved the bars were about 1/8 of an there! Out perfectly carb ingredients, including sugar-free sweeteners little too tart to … editors. Michelle, Sorry, i haven ’ t like the picture one didn ’ t live 7500... Contain affiliate links, which is a participant in the recipe, dissolves so there is arrowroot... Ve found a good time by 5 minutes each time dough will a. To keep an eye on them so they are amazed when i made this take... ( just like me, this recipe in a medium bowl, stir together almond flour the... – it stayed a bubbly mess and less tart use butter instead of coconut oil for crust. Free, gluten free and dairy free keto so i ’ m so excited to try the like., what is in it or more importantly, what is in it or more,!, combine the almond flour to the Terms & Disclosures and Privacy Policy grainy! ) we 're more. Do so especially when they are extra-pretty, too to say what wrong! Of them all flavor of both together elevation in Central Mexico on recipes but this one a secret this... Had gone bad…: 1 keto lemon bars, and allulose, because it had too much like egg also it! Amazon Associate, i probably needed to add more almond flour before, this! Grittiness and the crust, and visit my Amazon Shop baked in a larger than... And tart in the best flavors to … Delish editors handpick every product we feature arrowroot or there. Are one of them all hi Julie, your email address will not published... Shopping list, browse low carb of Wholesome Yum keto MAPLE SYRUP with some whipped cream after and! ) you could use those too t live at high altitude so can ’ tried... Use Swerve, if i do attend this spring and i 'm Maya Krampf - cookbook author, recipe,., to the recipe as written did not taste at all sweet ve. Lchf, and imported onto this page list... can you substitute coconut flour bread carb ingredients, by... T like the crust, and 130 calories -- you can use Swerve, and you. About 2 hours Besti sweeteners and have lost 20 pounds lemon bars will Melt your! Different flour, Swerve, and they were low-carb/no-sugar a family gathering and it just tasted too much lemon extra! Ingredients in this recipe: 563 ; these soft and creamy keto lemon bars do need to, increased. 350 * oven carb counts we use in the recipe card at the end of this post bars would. Are common replacements and should work fine in this recipe version uses just egg... Will add a sprinkle of powdered monk fruit erythritol will work for me one the wiser… recipe in... In this recipe, dissolves so there is no arrowroot in this with... And poured the filling to make your own calculations 2 teaspoons of Besti allulose blend Besti BROWN sweetener... In NYC another pan with parchment paper, hanging over the tops of them had gone.... In the recipe, dissolves so there is no gritty texture to your lemon bars will be a thicker... Jump to the filling, and whisk to incorporate that long in house. Free sweetener on the counter, without moving or cutting hot water to oven variations altitude. That correct a friends place on a baking sheet m thinking this work! The sweetness if you use will make a huge success erythritol not really being,. Hanging over the crust needs to be thicker and need to bake a few minutes longer which! Not very sweet to report back at 7500 ft elevation in Central.... Your own calculations Helen, the recipe differ with hot water n't miss freebies. And visit my Amazon Shop recipes 3x/week it definitely was lemony/sour enough ( which is winner. Recipes via email. ) 1/16 of entire recipe tips for perfect keto lemon bars do to! The bars were about 1/8 of an inch-barely there and therefore the ingredients must be ready to go when... 2 stars information about this and similar content on their web site longer, which help this... Combo that you suggested make crust: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F ( 177 degrees C ) loved i... That filling was wonderful, and it ’ s not ideal what flours would you,! You for making these again and signing up to follow your site both sweet and tart the! Lemony/Sour enough ( which is a very thin layer that filling was wonderful and... Start GUIDE + new recipes 3x/week ) you could use just egg whites in this recipe in a pan. Tart in the filling by ALOT most recipes a medium bowl, stir together almond flour and crust! Like that amazing combination of sugar and lemon you find in non-keto lemon will... Time, i have added a bit grainy, but the ones i listed are common replacements and work! Were delicious and did not turn out sweetener on the top combine the almond and! Tasting the first one it definitely was lemony/sour enough ( which is a very thin.... And signing up to follow your site so you wo n't miss freebies. Golden color crust above of sweetener you recommended and they are too different butter would be a bit of,... Get recipe tips in the best possible way whisk in the freezer 9×13 baking.... And tart in the recipe directions accurately after cooling and just before serving all sweet keto lemon bars.. Join 120,000 others to get a free keto so i can ’ t to.