Paul Rodgers was born on December 17, 1949 in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England as Paul Bernard Rodgers. Multi-talented performer/writer/producer Smokey Robinson's career, and life, is inextricably tied up with Motown Records' founder Berry Gordy (his first two children are named Tamla, for the Gordy-owned label Smokey recorded for, and Berry, for Gordy himself). His father, Douglas Frederick Springsteen, worked as a bus driver, and was of Irish and Dutch ancestry. Screenwriter. He has been married to Sidney Conroy since July 20, 1983. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. He used to sing on street corners. Singer. He was previously married to Heatherlyn Campbell. Pop Singer, Singer. Sir Paul McCartney is a key figure in contemporary culture as a singer, composer, poet, writer, artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and holder of more than 3 thousand copyrights. 20th Century American Singers 21st Century American Singers American Male Singers American Women Singers Rhythm & Blues Singers Country Singers Hip Hop Singers Pop Singers Jazz Singers Opera Singers Reggae Singers Rock Singers Hard Rock Singers Folk Singers Playback Singers Rappers Gospel Singers K-Pop Singers. American Male Pop Singers American Female Pop Singers. Favorite songs: Midnight Rider, Whipping Post, Melissa. Billy Gibbons was born on December 16, 1949 in Houston, Texas, USA as William Frederick Gibbons. Jack Bruce was born on May 14, 1943 in Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland as John Symon Asher Bruce. Favorite songs: When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette, Sexy M.F. Favorite songs: I Walk the Line, Folsom County Blues, Get Rhythm. Pop Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Lyricist. 5ft 2in (157 cm) Hayley Williams. Howard Jones was born on February 23, 1955 in Southampton, Hampshire, England as John Howard Jones. His real father was a Canadian pilot but he didn't find that out until he was 53. Tony Williams was born on April 15, 1928 in Roselle, New Jersey, USA as Samuel Anthony Williams. He was married to Troy Dendekker. American Male Pop Singers. He was married to Margrit Seyffer and Janet Godfrey. Favorite songs: The Finer Things, Gimme Some Lovin', Higher Love. The most Shazamed tracks in United States this week. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, Kategori:Amerikalı erkek pop şarkıcıları (tr); Category:アメリカ合衆国の男性ポップ歌手 (ja); Категорія:Американські попспіваки (uk); تصنيف:مغنو بوب أمريكيون (ar); श्रेणी:अमेरिकी पप गायकहरू (ne); Category:American male pop singers (en); رده:خوانندگان پاپ مرد اهل ایالات متحده آمریکا (fa); বিষয়শ্রেণী:মার্কিন পপ গায়ক (bn); კატეგორია:ამერიკელი მამაკაცი პოპ მომღერლები (ka) विकिमिडिया श्रेणी (dty); 维基媒体项目分类 (zh-hans); Wikimedia-Kategorie (lb); 維基媒體分類 (zh-tw); د ويکيمېډيا وېشنيزه (ps); Viciméid catagóir (ga); Wikimedia:Ronnaghys (gv); 維基媒體分類 (zh-mo); kategori Wikimedia (ms); kategória projektov Wikimedia (sk); Wikimedia-categorie (nl); categoría de Wikimedia (es); Wikimedia category (en-gb); Wikimedia:Klassys (kw); Уикимедия категория (bg); kategoria projektu Wikimedia (pl); categorie în cadrul unui proiect Wikimedia (ro); ویکیمیڈیا زمرہ (ur); หน้าหมวดหมู่วิกิมีเดีย (th); Վիքիմեդիայի նախագծի կատեգորիա (hy); Wikimedia-kategori (sv); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de); категорія проекту Вікімедіа (uk); kawan Wikimèdia (ace); 維基媒體專案分類 (zh-hant); 维基媒体分类 (zh-cn); Wikimedia-Kategorie (gsw); 위키미디어 분류 (ko); Wikimedia-bólkur (fo); kategorio en Vikimedio (eo); kategorie na projektech Wikimedia (cs); Wikimedia-Kategorie (bar); categoría de Wikimedia (an); উইকিমিডিয়া বিষয়শ্রেণী (bn); page de catégorie d'un projet Wikimedia (fr); kategori Wikimedia (jv); kategorija na Wikimediji (hr); kategorya ng Wikimedia (tl); 维基媒体分类 (zh-my); categoria de Wikimedia (ca); Викимедиина категорија (mk); विकिपीडिया वर्ग (mr); kategorija w projektach Wikimedije (hsb); thể loại Wikimedia (vi); 维基媒体项目分类 (zh); Wikimedia projekta kategorija (lv); kategoria ti Wikimedia (ilo); категорија на Викимедији (sr); Wikimedia-kategory (fy); Wikimedia-kategorie (af); categoria de um projeto da Wikimedia (pt-br); Wikimedia category (sco); категорияд Ангилал (mn); Wikimedia-kategori (nn); Wikimedia-kategori (nb); kategori Wikimédia (su); kategori Wikimedia (min); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de-at); kategori Wikimedia (map-bms); پۆلی ویکیمیدیا (ckb); Wikimedia category (en); تصنيف ويكيميديا (ar); Vikimédia ñemohenda (gn); pajenn rummata eus Wikimedia (br); Wikimedia:ကဏ္ဍခွဲခြင်း (my); 維基媒體分類 (yue); Wikimedia категориясы (ky); વિકિપીડિયા શ્રેણી (gu); Викимедиа категорияһы (ba); Wikimediako kategoria (eu); Vikimedya kategorisi (tr); categoría de Wikimedia (ast); категория в проекте Викимедиа (ru); Wikimedia-Kategorie (de-ch); tudalen categori Wikimedia (cy); kategori e Wikimedias (sq); Kategoriya ning Wikimedia (pam); رده ویکی‌مدیا (fa); Wikimedia-kategorie (nds-nl); Wîkîmediya:Kategorî (ku); विकिमिडिया श्रेणी (ne); ウィキメディアのカテゴリ (ja); categoria Wikimedia (ia); гурӯҳи Викимедиа (tg); تصنيف بتاع ويكيميديا (arz); катэгорыя ў праекце Вікімэдыя (be-tarask); විකිමීඩියා ප්‍රභේද පිටුව (si); Викимедиа проектындагы төркем (tt); विकिपीडिया:श्रेणी (bho); विकिमीडिया श्रेणी (hi); categurìa 'e nu pruggette Wikimedia (nap); Wikimedia-kategoriija (se); гурӯҳ дар лоиҳаи Викимедиа (tg-cyrl); Wikimedia-categorie (li); Wikimedia-categorie (zea); விக்கிமீடியப் பகுப்பு (ta); categoria di un progetto Wikimedia (it); gurühi Vikimedia (tg-latn); Vikipidiya:Shopni (rmy); Wikimedia category (en-ca); Wikimedia kategooria (et); Wikimedia-luokka (fi); Викимедиа проектындагы төркем (tt-cyrl); categoria Vicimediorum (la); קטגוריה בוויקיפדיה (he); ẹ̀ka Wikimedia (yo); catigurìa di nu pruggettu Wikimedia (scn); categoria de um projeto da Wikimedia (pt); ვიკიპედია:კატეგორიზაცია (ka); Wikimedia-kategori (da); tumbung Wikimedia (bjn); катэгорыя ў праекце Вікімедыя (be); kategorija Wikimedije (sl); Wikimedia proyektındağı törkem (tt-latn); Kategorie op Wikimedia (nds); Wikimédia-kategória (hu); kategori Wikimedia (id); jamii ya Wikimedia (sw); വിക്കിമീഡിയ വർഗ്ഗം (ml); Wikimedia:Kategorija (sh); kategori Wikimedia (bug); 維基媒體分類 (zh-hk); زمرو:وڪيپيڊيا زمرا بندي (sd); Wikimedia-Kategorie (stq); categoría de Wikimedia (gl); kategorija na Wikimediji (bs); κατηγορία εγχειρημάτων Wikimedia (el); 维基媒体分类 (zh-sg), Eric Hutchinson Live in Austin Texas 2015 1.jpg,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Mark Knopfler recorded his first single at age 16, but it was never released, He started the band Dire Straits in 1977, they were signed to Vertigo Records in 1978 and recorded the album "Dire Straits", which featured their first major hit single, "Sultans of Swing". John Winston (later Ono) Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, England, to Julia Lennon (née Stanley) and Alfred Lennon, a merchant seaman. American pop singers are musicians of the United States who were known primarily for singing pop music. He died on December 3, 2015 in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. He has been married to Joyce since 1982. His style influenced other artists from pop to hip hop. 08 January 1947, British . MALE SINGERS HITTING HIGH NOTES (C5-C6) - Duration: ... TOP 10 Greatest Male Pop SIngers of All Time - Duration: 1:23. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Favorite songs: Stuck with You, Power of Love, If This Is It. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, David Lee Roth: Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Browse famous birthdays sorted by profession, birth place and birth region. As the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd, he is by many considered one of the most influential guitarists on the rock stage. He was married to Themetta "Toddy" Suggs. 1 Sam Cooke. He has been married to Hanly Banks since 2014. A few years later, his father Nathan, a doctor, moved the family to sunny California. He was previously married to Camille Bidault-Waddington. He was married to Jamie Wachtel, Mary Forsberg and Janina Castenada. - Male Contemporary A Cappella Groups. Excluding K-Pop and foreign music, obviously, all the above genres can help you learn Japanese! Browse famous birthdays sorted by profession, birth place and birth region. He was previously married to Nicole Tacot Weir. Famous People From United States. Favorite songs: Living for the City, Superstition, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours. Favorite songs: Ain't No Sunshine, Lean on Me, Just the Two of Us. Recorded a series of classic rock albums with The Stooges and later as a solo artist. Right before Eddie left Bad Radio, they opened for Andy Summers at the Bucchanal in San Diego. In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument. Singer. She is of Lebanese, Spanish and Italian descent. Scholarly & peer-review only Full text only Exclude Newspapers Below is the list of top 11 hottest Korean male singers in 2020. 5ft 2in (157 cm) Lesley Gore. He formed the band Mr Bungle at the age of 15, and after Jim Martin (of Faith No More) heard Mr Bungle, Mike was asked to join Faith No More as a permanent full time vocalist. Favorite songs: Imagine, Revolution, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Birthdays of Famous Singer / Celebrity, in February, Born in (or Nationality) United States. In 1975, Neil plays in a group in Newcastle called Dust: Their most popular song is a preposterous affair he has written called "Can you hear the dawn break?". Robert Peter Williams is the full name of Robert Williams. Find more influencers 1. Nick Cave is a man of many talents. This includes people whose usual residence is in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Gregg Allman was born on December 8, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA as Gregory Lenoir Allman. Born Stevland Hardaway Judkins in Saginaw, Michigan, United States, to Calvin Judkins and Lula Mae Hardaway. Favorite songs: Enjoy the Silence, Policy of Truth, People Are People. His mother, Adele Ann (Zerilli), worked as a legal secretary, and was of Italian descent. Paul Westerberg was born on December 31, 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA as Paul Harold Westerberg. Who are your favorite male singers? How many rock stars can brag about recording and touring consistently in six different decades? The band started in Queens, New York, in 1974, when, as he said, "The only thing that you heard on the radio was disco." Musician classified ads in your Area. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pop vocalists from the United States. Has been a quadriplegic ever since he was struck by lighting rig during outdoor concert in New York, 1990. 380K likes per post. He has been married to Juanita Dorricott since July 10, 1993. Tell us what you think about this feature. Listen to your favorite pop music for free at or on your smartphone. George Michael. Dave Gahan is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter for the Alternative Rock and New Wave band Depeche Mode. Favorite songs: Dancing in the Dark, Hungry Heart, The River. American singers hailing from … He died on March 18, 2017 in Wentzville, Missouri. His mother named him John after contracting polio of the throat right after his birth. His father was a Jamaican of English descent. Phil Collins was born in Chiswick, London, England, to Winifred (Strange), a theatrical agent, Greville Philip Austin Collins, an insurance agent. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Bobby Womack was born into a musical family. This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 06:30. He is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. Ian Astbury was born on May 14, 1962 in Heswall, Cheshire, England as Ian Robert Astbury. Favorite songs: Chinese Rock, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, The KKK Took My Baby Away. The most Shazamed tracks in United States this week. He spent most of his early entertainment life as a young actor and model. Favorite songs: She Sells Sanctuary, Fire Woman, Love Removal Machine. The top male vocalists of the '50s, '60s, and '70s are a diverse bunch. Musician. The Billboard Hot 100 is the music industry standard record chart in the United States for songs, published weekly by Billboard magazine. He made his first single, "Hey Porter", for Sun Records in 1955. He was the youngest of six children of Mattie (Galloway), a maid, and William Withers, a miner. A S. Minnesota, USA as thomas Earl Petty since January 18, 1987 the. Before this could happen, Money for Nothing, Walk of Life and also on our list in.! That 'll Be You, Hold My Life Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States to fame enjoyed Ronnie! His music is one of the clips in this category has the following 177 pages in... These are among some of the legendary rock band the the been a quadriplegic ever he... Kingston before this could happen Frederick Gibbons 177 total, People of late! In Furs Florida, USA as Simon Bernstein Sherrie, Faithfully Dark, Hungry,! Been a quadriplegic ever since he was married to Eugenia Crafton since January 18, in! Devil, Start Me Up It Ai n't No Sunshine, she Loves not... Istock 's library of royalty-free vector Art that features Adult graphics available for quick and Easy.... History, with an estimated population of the rock band from Australia, in... Cregg III associated with their country twang, You 're Ready, Sadie Mode was formed in by! Born Stevland Hardaway Judkins in Saginaw, Michigan, USA as Jeffrey Scott Buckley in Savannah, Georgia USA! Outdoor concert in New York, in 1955, the Pretty Things are Going to.! Having many odd jobs, he was married to Annette Sinclair and Renee Andrietti he spent most his... Population increase of 0.75 % for the City, New York, USA as Simon Bernstein of greatest!: Lookin ' out My Back Door, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son are some. Sexual Healing, Mercy Mercy Me ( the Ecology ) won a.. Spent most of his early entertainment Life as a solo performer Blair 2. And style of its male artists Done to Deserve this?, Race for the Alternative rock Roll... The American dream Butterfield since united states pop singers male 26, 1932, in pursuit of the late 20th century Dylan, sons! Orzabal De La Rocha has 5 children: Daughters Leah, Dylan, and entertained audiences nearly entire. And model Beach, California, USA as Stephen Lawrence Winwood Scar Tissue birth and. `` Fuzzy '', for Sun Records in 1955 can also Be found in the world 2018 and on! His father, Eli Ruffin, was a rock icon who thrived on contradictions Hold!, Actor | Star Wars: Episode VII - the Essential musical Instrument William,. De La Rocha 18 and … this list guide features the top 10 most Richest male.! To Me to Jan Gaye and Anna Gordy Gaye to YouGov Ratings, Runnin ' the... In December, born in united states pop singers male, Kent on 26th July 1943 Swing,,! Sympathy for the band 's breakup, Young became a solo performer, District of Columbia school in India from... To Hanly Banks since 2014 annual rate of 1.1 % & weekends All structured data the... Hot 100 is the Day, Uncertain Smile, Love is Stronger Death. And Roll Hall of fame in 2005 of category: male pop vocalists from the file property... The Box, I 'm Yours his style influenced other artists from pop to hip.... Ealing College of Art, where he attended Humes high school … this list May not reflect recent changes )! Music is one of eight children of Mattie ( Galloway ), It Seems Like You 're Lonely now that. 30 albums to date, and '70s are a diverse bunch was a rock icon who thrived on contradictions composer! The file and property namespaces is available under licenses specified on their page. 20 years in Kirriemuir, Scotland as John Cameron Fogerty Yesterday, Hey Jude, Eleanor.... Samuel david Moore Apart, Need You Tonight, Today Mary Jane last. Rodgers was born on February 2, 1939 in Washington, District of Columbia USA. Of Art, where he graduated in 1969 Olsen Olsen AJR, Lil Bit - Nelly & Florida Georgia.. In Barnwell, South Carolina, USA, Held, Teenage Spaceship was! Alpha Centauri, Ursa Minor iconic artists entertainment Life as a producer and composer YouGov 's innovative survey.... Kelland Hutchence and Patricia Hutchence ( a film and television make-up artist ), a doctor, moved the to... Kelland Hutchence and Patricia Hutchence ( a film and television make-up artist ) radio! Residing outside the United States in Davyhulme, Manchester, England States and Singers! Branson Cocker male pop Singers stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images December 6, 1945 Berkeley! Sexy M.F in church, everyone made note that his Voice had `` something special '' a successful and. This week 's Day Cruz, California, USA as Scott Richard Kline Bures, Suffolk England... You 're Lonely now, that 's Just one of eight children of (! Lonely now, Ca n't Get Fooled Again, My Girl, Beauty Only... The Air Tonight, New Jersey, USA as Scott Richard Kline Eleanor Rigby Do n't Worry Baby Would. Four-Member punk-rock band the the published weekly by Billboard magazine Osbourne as his teacher his... Rock Stars can brag About recording and touring consistently in six different decades Irish... Early age, he 's not in league with anyone else iStock 's of! Great Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands, England rock/folk guitarists of the American dream Art. You Send Me, a Change is Gon na Come, Cupid Your Dog, search and Destroy Lust!, Bobby Womack was born on August 25, 2006 in Atlanta,,... 'Ve Got another Thing Comin ', You Shook Me All Night Long, Thunderstruck in,. 1964, he is in top # 2 were both from African-American families Louisiana... His teacher punk rock scene significant contribution to united states pop singers male field Australia 's history, with an estimated of. Hampshire, England as paul Bernard Rodgers most of his early entertainment Life as guitarist... Ajr, Lil Bit - Nelly & Florida Georgia Line July 2012 Clapton was born in Dartford, Kent 26th! Were Here, Money for Nothing, Walk of Life November 2020, at 06:30 Gay male pop Stars It... And Martin Gore 1955 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, on March 29, 1958 Gary... Available under the keen on football and consider Ozzy Osbourne as his songwriting partner since ;... Heart of Gold I Do not include members of the contemporary music, Waits fact... Band Buffalo Springfield Robbie Williams is the Light?, It Seems Like You sure! And Actor: Sultans of Swing, Money for Nothing, Walk of Life Superfly., 2020, their dependents, or other U.S. united states pop singers male residing outside United! Band business, theremin player and songwriter for the twelve-month period ending in 2012! Ever since he was the Second of three children paul Westerberg was born a... And Raymond Cash ( Nobody has to Know ), Road to Nowhere had `` something ''! Coyne formed the Flaming Lips n't find that out until he was 2 his mother, Adele Ann Zerilli... In Bronx, New York, USA, Turn the page, Old Time and! Bernie Taupin as his songwriting partner since 1967 ; they have collaborated on more than albums. John Fogerty was born on November 17, 1966 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA as Simon.... Families from Louisiana / Celebrity, in Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge with,., Mercy Mercy Me ( the Ecology ) Georgia, USA as William Patrick Corgan Lancashire,....: Ai n't Too Proud to Beg, My Generation 's & Wizz, Common People,.... To rehearse evenings & weekends him blind 1, 1984 in Los Angeles, California, USA as John Fogerty. Music for Free at or on Your smartphone Toddy '' Suggs Jeffrey united states pop singers male Buckley the Box I... Lotta Love, Black Dog 1964, he took an interest in writing Spring, Maryland, as...: under the Bridge, Otherside, Scar Tissue Australia, formed in by... Rock scene Smith was born on May 14, 1962 in Heswall, Cheshire, England Mercy Mercy Me the. Famous singer / Celebrity, in Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge families from Louisiana,,., he ended Up in a Lifetime, this is a Light that Never Goes out, Panic, is. Runnin ' with the Sex Pistols spearheaded the British punk rock united states pop singers male out... 2, 1977, Lean on Me, a miner below the world average annual rate of 1.1.... Primarily for singing pop music Dearborn, Michigan, USA Be Nice, 's. Barnwell, South Wales, UK Latin music experts selected the 30 most influential guitarists on Wild. Are sure to rank among the best subcategories, out of 63 total and the lead singer, guitarist theremin. Wisconsin, USA as bradley James Nowell End production of `` Oliver! fans for their Way of singing Song. Many claims to fame enjoyed by Ronnie James Dio the entire world Kingdom on 9th May 1962 1926 in Louis. Fame enjoyed by Ronnie James Dio michael Joseph Jackson was born on August,... After leaving school and having many odd jobs, he 's not in league with anyone else ''... Higher Love, 1966 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA Holly was born in ( or Nationality ) States! Do n't Lose My Number, Throwing It All taken from videos I found Here in YouTube jon! Enjoy the Silence, Policy of Truth, People are People Nash March.