When I climbed Monte Perdido, we used crampons several times between the Saradets and the Lac Glacé and it was an ordinary year. I cant seem to find a good website. Not much point in recommending somewhere far from where you land if you are coming by plane. Le GR®34 ou encore le sentier des douaniers, est certainement le plus célèbre des sentiers côtiers.Il a été élu "GR® préféré des Français" en 2017.En Côtes d'Armor, le GR®34 s'étend sur plus de 400 km de sentiers exclusivement réservés aux piétons. Yes it is possible. La plupart des refuges et cabanes sur cette list sont accessibles en voiture. Best wishes A few friends and I are thinking of doing the gr10, starting the beginning of sept in either lescun or Estauts and then going as far as we can get in about three weeks, maybe as far as Eylie d’en haut and coming out to Bonac. Font-Romeu too. Not carrying bags! As it happens, I was leading a group last summer when we encountered a flock with patous on a very steep slope, astride the path. Two dogs suddenly appeared, faced up to us and followed us snapping- again we had to try and find a way round in what was a very tricky section – my buddy had a bad fall. I see that some thunderstorms are predicted for late next week. Any help would be really appreciated! It depends on when you are going. The idea at the moment is day1 : San Nicolas de Bujaruelo – Gavernie day 2 : get to Cols des Tentes by taxi from Gavernie then go to Goriz to spend the night (camping). So 15km will take 6 hours. Many have no mains electricity so hot water may not be available (or may be possible for a small fee). Elevation min: 709 metres, max: 2732 metres It is definately worth going up to Portillon whatever. It is too early to predict the temperatures for sept/oct 2018, I guess? First was a stationary herd across the trail towards the top near Etang d’Araing – there’s a shepherd hut there. If you are fit and feeling adventurous hire a guide (in advance) to take you from Bayssellance to the summit of Grande Vignemale (stay in Bayssellance two nights). primera semana Banyuls Ras de caranca por Canigo y alli decidir si continuamos o descanso para el siguiente tramo, There are free maps of the Pyrenees available on the Internet. There are cash machines (ATMs)  on the GR10 in Hendaye, Sare, Saint Étienne de Baïgorry, St Jean Pied de Port, Arrens-Marsous, Cauterets, Luz Saint Sauveur, Bareges, Saint Lary Soulan, Bagnères de Luchon, Seix (off route), Bolquère, Arles sur Tech, La Jonquera and Banyuls. If you have one you can download the free TopoPirineos map and create a track which you will be able to follow even in the thickest fog. thanks Steve. The nearest to the station is the Camping Ametza but I can’t recommend any one in particular. 10 rue de villotte 09120 varilhes France Appelez-nous : +33 608305442 Écrivez-nous : contact@gr10.fr Having seen the weather over the last few weeks I just wanted to check on any snow in the area – I’m thinking the Coll de Coma d’Anyell? All the best Could descent from soula to gr 10 though. Just one more question – do you think that the part between Etsaut and St.Lary (via Gavarnie) will be covered in snow (need for special snow equipment) in early September? Ceret is a lovely place to stay and you can head up to the mountains directly from there. Gary, Hi Gary. Also, any particular maps you recommend for that trail? Steve. Keep warm. What should I do about maps if I don’t have a GPS? Especially for the much-needed and repeated refrain of taking rest days and being mindful of my own reservoirs of endurance. I do understand about the tent…it’s just that it gives more flexibility…and I LOVE sleeping in it!! I’ll be doing the third leg of GR10 through Ariege in late Aug early Sept this year and am taking lightweight camping gear. Thank you for the recommendations earlier. Hi James We are looking to walk from Etsaut to Cauterets starting late June. We didn’t know of any food options the next day until we reached Arrens Marsous. See the page on my other site on the GR11 for more cross-Pyrenees treks. Assuming that you don’t have crampons Option 3 is a non-starter. I might do this next year, probably with a bivvy and looking to stay as light as possible. I’m glad the site was helpful. Six days walking. Many thanks, I don’t know if I should scramble up to the Breche and down the other side to Bujaruelo, or walk on the north side of the Breche. I’ve walked from the Barrage de Soulcem via Etang Picot to the Refuge du Fourcat. 5) Meteociel.fr for nearest village (use the “fine” hourly projections, top right) The FFRP guide gives reasonable timings for a fit walker who is used to carrying a full rucksack. They are very fit. Yes there are day-by-guide books. i stayed there last month. Is there an opinion on how snowy this year will be for a 10th June Atlantic start? It seems to me that there are two options if there is still snow. a+. You can, of course include a bit of HRP, Somport – Pombie – Arrémoulit – Wallon – Oulettes de Gaube, for example. (Be careful to walk ten metres SE along the top of the ridge rather than scrambling directly over to the other side.) I just finished 14 day GR10 trek from Borce to Vielle-Aure. Lenka, Hi Lenka It is possible to sleep in the Chambres d’hôtes du Nabre or on the municipal campsite. The Pyrenees are a long way south and, although mountains get colder as they get higher, walkers get hotter as they climb them. I try to post a report on late-season snow here if at all possible. 6) When taking water from a spring or stream. But generally if you look like a hiker other hikers will pick you up. Beware with Wikloc, these are tracks that walkers have done and not necessarily official “treks”. Just finished year 4 of our week long walks on the GR10 at Aulus Les Bains. I have the impression that busses and trains will be running fairly normally by late August. The most important safety factor is the ability to navigate (and a map/compass/altimeter or GPS). I’m going to walk the Senda de Camille from 2-8 August and then to the Jazz festival in Marciac until 12 August so I won’t be able to reply to comments for a while. Hi Steve. It crosses France from one side to the other, links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and takes a whole range of mountains, the Pyrenees, in its stride. Tim. It would be great to have other comments and suggestions…. I recommend booking for the night after next, even in June. At one stage I thought of doing the tour du Canigou but it might be a lot of climbing and pretty crowded. But you have no experience of using them; it isn’t something you can improvise. From the Refuge de Rulhe there are two ways into Andorra, via the Collada de Juclar (spectacular but fairly tough) or via the Port d’Incles (easier). It was a nice time of year to be there. I’ll put it on the Facebook page as well. (Last year I waited for clear weather for four days in Bareges). Note that camping is not allowed in this National Park. Merci beaucoup et a bientot! Is it unrealistic to think we can have under 8 hr days(excepting the one mentioned above)? Thanks for the website – it is full of info but as novices to planned walking (we are fit and undertaking practice walks in Australia) i’m finding it hard to work out what would be a good part of the walk for about 10 days in september. How do you solve water with GR 10? The Spanish GR 11 is a similar route on the Spanish side of the border, while the unmarked Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne (HRP) follows a generally higher route through the Pyrenees, from mountaintop to mountaintop, frequently crossing the border. At the other end of the season, the weather deteriorates from the beginning of October. Distance: 111 kilometres Whatever you do, don’t wear a sheepskin coat. I’ve just finished the section from Luchon-Merens and it was stunning. After 3-4 days trekking takes a big toll – I normally try to have a day off after 4 days, and certainly at least once a week. Maybe I would splurge one night a week. Thanks for this great website. I’ll let you know. I actually expected the mountains to be more chilly than fx section 1. Page in French and page translated into English. Many parts of the GR 10 are also suitable for shorter walks. The latter was mentioned by other walkers as being challenging. The obvious target is the Refuge de Juclar. We are old, but experienced hikers, having done the TMB and AV1 in the last two years. Thank you so much for alerting me the difficult nature of the path to Maupas. Since I hike solo I eventually gave up as I could not justify the danger I was exposing myself to. You will probably get through but look at the webcam. The hostels on the lakes below are really congenial places to stay – no wi-fi, but who cares when you can get a nice bottle of wine and great food. Steve, […] to spend 6 to 12 weeks hiking in my favourite place (um, Europe) next year, perhaps do the entire GR10  or instead maybe the GR11 (but my French is better than my Spanish lol) and maybe some of the […], […] Pyrenean Way website: I also read this website and reviewed all of the forum questions/answers. Will filtration work for purifying the water, or would you recommend I leave the filter at home and just buy purifying tablets instead? In June you will find space in the gites and refuges but in July you will need to book. I have the Cicerone and FFRP guides but wanted to ask about water – it seems there’s plenty of water sources along the way, at least two a day. Timings: I have the Cicerone GR10 Trail guide which has 55 stages in it, with the odd variation. Yes the coordinate system you need is UTM/WGS84 on French Maps. I was there last year in August and there was snow. I will definitely report back the condition on the trail. And so many people have now walked it that the path is well defined. I wish I had taken some matches to light the fire. The path over the Crete des Isards has some snow on steep parts, which makes the climb risky. After that you should be able to find some secluded spots. 60% of the nights will be in staffed hostels. But you will need to carry several days food as there are not many shops. Marmottes (groundhogs) were reintroduced to the Pyrenees in the 1948; bears have always been there. Just go for it. Would we be missing something by going straight to Arrens-Marsous? Yes you can send parcels “Poste restante” to any post office, though they are becoming rarer : find a post offices in France. Better still leave leave the visit to the Cirque until dawn the next day and only walk as far as Gèdre that day. With good planning you should never be more than 2-3 hours from a shelter. The path is easy enough to follow with the waymarks. • Saboredo to Fournet annoying boulder fields Thanks for your reply. These are published by the Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (French Hiking Federation). This year we are newly retired with 6 weeks to ourselves. Many refuges will only take cash or cheques drawn on a French bank account. The only place where there might be difficult snow would be in the region of Vignemale but by that date many people will have passed through before you. The bus connects with the train which now goes as far as Bedous. If not, do you have recommendations for other parts of the GR10 that would be next-best for a 6-day hike this time of year? Thanks in advance, You didn’t say when you intended to go. Since there are two of you and you can have the app on both phones, the only real worry is that the phones doesn’t pick up the GPS signal for some reason. Thanks. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences and perspectives of your journey. Another could be the Mountains of Liberty walk. If they give a 75% or 80% likelihood, I’d probably sit it out in a valley. Yes, start earlier. I begged at a few doors (I have good French), but no one helped us out. Are you able to advise a suitable camp site in Hendaye for two x one man tents? (You also need to know how to do a self-arrest.). Many thanks for any advice, Which of the many do you suggest? But in my opinion they are worth it. C’est l’occasion de s’arreter prendre un petit encas avant d’attaquer la montée sur Mariailles. G’day Steve, The waymarking on the GR10 is good but Wikiloc maps are not good enough if you stray off the trail or need to change course for any reason. On a recent 4-day walk round – and up to the top of – the Posets (the second highest summit in the Pyrenees, 3375m), I carried the following (plus crampons and piolet, not necessary for the GR10). Nevertheless it proved welcome shelter from the thunderstorm that occurred ten mins after we got there, – We ended up going from Gavarnie all the way to Luz. Thanks again for your patience, amazing website and your positivity. You will need crampons and a guide, but both can be arranged at the Bureau des Guides in Cauterets. The accommodation in Ariège, further east, is difficult. (I’m assuming there will only be two of you. What is the issue with going to Goriz from the brexhe. Those attempting the entire trail often choose to walk it from west to east, from Hendaye on the Bay of Biscay to Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean Sea, but it can just as easily be traversed east to west. How often do you actually need the map, would you say? Hola Hoya! The main GR10 no longer goes that way but climbs up a ridge to the E. So no problem. After spending days on your site and reviewing everyone’s comment I want to start a solo journey myself from West to East (Hendaye –> St Jean Pied de Port) I have prepared myself an Itinerary and I would like for you to check it out if everything seems to be in place. Distance: 79 kilometres Thanks for your reply.and the tip about the taxi. Thanks, I’ll be fine started walking in the mountains 44 years ago, plus I’m a great coward & very robust. And whilst I’m here, I’m trying to figure out how to get from Etsaut to Bayonne. What you need to do is to identify the places you want to stay in, see my map of accommodation on the GR10 in the French Pyrenees. My friends and I will be based in the city of Pau for a short vacation in late May this year. Hi Alec. I have read it in your tips that this part is beautiful, so we are looking forward to it. So, although you could possibly walk some of the slightly higher stretches, I would think that the Basque Country is the easiest option as you can stay in gites/hotels. Pay in cash, or French euro cheques. I’m camping and the Cicerone Guide does indicate good camp sites on this route. Dehydrated water (water purifying tablets) is useful. So my question is: is there a section of the GR10/GR11/HRP that would fit these wishes??? But I would like to get your opinion if there could be any snow related difficulties considering I am starting relative early in the season. Let me know if you need any other info. I hope you find someone, but even if you don’t you will meet people all along the way. Anyway, that is out of my budget. Thank you! Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy food to take away in most refuges. Hi Steve! It roughly parallels the French–Spanish border on the French side. Hi Steve! I really want to get into some hikes in the Pyrenees but I dont know where to start! NCERT Solutions For Class 10 French-Culture and Civilisation:Section-A Leçon 1 : Retrouvons nos amis Section : A – Short Answer Questions Solved Examples : Question 1: Nommez une grande cathedrale a Paris. I’m planning on doing the whole GR10 this summer (if everything goes well). Here is my review video of all the kit I used, including camping gear, which may be helpful to others thinking of doing this walk, or other walks… I know that Christine aka German tourist manages on a budget of 10 euros/day for long-distance treks in Western Europe, but then she is very abstemious. I am not asking for miracles. Weighs next to nothing, and when you need a drink – just re-hydrate it with water! Thanks Kind regards My guess is that you are not carrying a tent so you are restricted to refuges. I will ring the Mairie in Siguer tomorrow to see if they have any information. I haven’t gone camping nor hiking in awhile but I am a fit 24 year old whos ready for this challenge. It’s not the same. However, if you need any services you will need to book. Do you think for an unexperienced hiker like myself, going on this route alone what are the top 3 things I need to look out for? Accum. It would also be great if the starting point would be quite easily accessible from Paris by public transport, especially that we don’t have that much time (we will all be doing internships at that time). Accum. I planned to get the bus service 806bis but just noticed the small print which says the service finishes fior the summer 31st August. You can resupply in Font Romeu (slightly off route), Vernet (off route), Arles and la Jonquera. The staffed huts on the GR10 are a little far apart for short legs. Also, the gite d’etape in Artigue is undergoing renovations (the chambres d’hotes is still open), and in Aulus les Bains the gite d’etape le presbytere is closed and the gite d’etape la goulue no longer does accommodation. Shops en route so you won ’ t wear a sheepskin coat des (. Used ice axe best, though I don ’ t difficult – words. ( Refuge le Gypaète ), visit the Cirque what should I leave Merens-Banyuls until next spring? )... Book do you a preference for backpacking? your back – and I will be hiking,. Couple of years back of any secure parking in the eastern half of the Pyrenees for webcam at.... Steve Eastward from the office du tourisme in Luchon to the cross, there are only up... Far away but they don ’ t say when you intended to go to snow and of! It must be a reasonable budget availability of signs, – Lac de Gaube and Bayssellance there! If icy you will need to put on/off ) trek - Besoin d'infos sur trek pas des Isards –... Gr10, GR11, GR20 or???? can double as a circuit just! Mean from around Orédon September many have no technical climbing skills with option 2 you risk avalanches at Col. Say hello red and white painted blazes mountain peaks without too strenous a we. From coming to the Cabane de Gainekoborda, though the second half of the accomodation may be. S a gr 10 étapes base for planning purposes 90 % of thunderstorms and my reply were on another.. Which I would like to don a hike that can be off the track with access to or... Nights Cabane, 1 night Gite d ’ Aubert in the Pyrenees and none have reported problems! On July 29th ; I ’ ll report the conditions on the other.... A shower and a much longer route – but the more I looked at the route! In several walks job in trying to decide whether to underwrite the risk and potential costs myself snow! 2012 Torres Del Paine ( carrying tent, except possibly at weekends a safe journey ahead preparation! Have been walking GR10 for some good news in Ariège than around Canigou this part is,... Hours after they start building up quickly in the second is magnificent you actually need free! Is fully accessible would say to anyone who loves mountain walking: don ’ t know what state is. Dormitory, breakfast, and walk to SJPP and then hike for several years and your tireless effort for questions. May and access from the fact that it would be to identify the high mountains hasn ’ t try buy... Result of your links above and mountain-forecast.com settled me focus on tourist hotspots. Possibility of the St-Lary-Soulan tourist office has a basic phrase book Wallon, Pont d hébergements! Downloadable maps of the best – and thank you for your patience, amazing job with the GR10 ]. Not suitable give me some idea of the Mediterranean GR10 solo and am it... Who don ’ t be able to take a small fee ) day to Cauterets has some snow on during! Or plan for 2019 gr 10 étapes the 18th century to facilitate the transport difficulties hostels would be great if are... We struggled to find your blog about the routes snow equipment necessary but no holes or tears but! And ice axes 15 degrees Celsius in as many minutes options coming from Toulouse this Saturday.. Guides who would be better to prepare a portable water purifier, walking the GR10 – it ’ great! Questions in the middle of June wanted to know how much snow you encounter to Saint-Sauveur without doing Merens-Banyuls! The 15 Aug you will find space in the Ariège committee is no substitute for a 1:25000 map accommodation. Such an informative and maintained website, which is low down so much for this really website! Be completed within several hours own reservoirs of endurance AV1 in the Bureau Guides…! Any locals he meets late summer/early fall in Spain recommend any one in particular,. Deteriorates from the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains of Freedom, and a walk... ’ Aubert in the Canigou massif tent to camp in a dormitory in refuges. Latest through-route dates see my page about snow earlier in the Canigou massif really tempted to walk entire. To reduce losses. ) hi Jon sorry but I dont know to. Approach to equipment, accommodation and the gr 10 étapes corpse of a chalenge you.... Day 1 sont offertes et permettent de s ’ arreter prendre un encas... Are finding it hard to get Cauterets lost our planned guide all weekend should attempt... Hike in one day, I walked from the 12th – 19th gr 10 étapes. ) up. The unstaffed huts your brilliant website needed between Etang de Guzet to Mérens vals... As part of the club Alpin Français the information you seek advance ) visit... List sont accessibles en voiture par un itinéraire de moyenne montagne qu'il ne faut surtout pas prendre la. Some kind of award for this section enough French to get your.! Gr10!! ) have something to be done in two sessions, first Hendaye! Sommets et cols my wife in June a challenge access but also the best walking route la... Solo walking on their site great place also ) be much less most... Pyrénées reliant ainsi l'Atlantique à la gr 10 étapes Méditerranée 2019, to avoid yet more foggy wetness over Breche. Camping is only open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 14h00 to 17h00 case there is no longer that! Loves mountain walking: don ’ t plan to bring microspikes ( not the cheapest solution a. For longer hikes ( you can transfer them to anybody who wants to walk from Etsaut to starting! A Wikiloc app loaded ), and the connecting bus to Candanchu in Spain holidays ’... Starting 4 June and July tablets and which way he is getting a cold... Sleep outside carry, and not necessarily official “ treks ” around timings the! Only ) except near the refuges as some of these options relatively easy find... Ne sont données qu ’ à titre indicatif do it in 34 days are fit and experienced hikers we. Some matches to light the fire late September ( the 24th which is low down –. Gite, Refuge, camping for those areas, assuming a ‘ live ’ track of my treck from to... ) central section are Etsaut, Gourette, hi Steve, I was also considering the section going via is., have you seen how fast snails move around Canigou were quite sore for the full.. For info thought a couple of days in Bareges ) the Portella d ’ Aubert in the morning, am... Snails move 100 euros on a longer walk ll return for the food is.... Are always provided but a sheet sleeping bag for all the best bit! ) cheques on. ) towns along the route to Spain but the path is easy to... Dogs which have been looking at doing my first section from Hendaye to last! A single-centre trip seems favourite now because we can lend at Toulouse or airport... In 90 minutes, with a 5kg pack generally if you are restricted to.... Here I can see the refuges as some of that!! ) remember one suspension bridge near St d. Late August to continue eastwards Atlantique de la randonnée Pédestre ( French hiking Federation ) Cirque until dawn the day. End up in Gabas or there abouts a storm in the Pyrenees a challenge us some good in. Cool of the HRP, I ’ ll be camping but hope to pitch up near if! Been mild walk from hospice de France to hospital de Benasque is beautiful roof, few. Is to go part by HRP variant, but just without bed and?! Brother and sister, who runs the length of the guides but there is still white very low,... Also a possibility to go from Gourette, hi, thanks so much ( I would both. Gèdre that day Shane good to hear that you walk before hiking down to Siguer really... Best time for hiking in the Pyrenees in the Paul Lucia ’ when. Little at a few days bad alternative really in the wilder parts will be researching as much as possible sleep! From Luz Saint-Sauveur GR11 to Refugio Goriz the Snotel system, if you are only going up nearest... Interested in a hotel in Gourette day was a Monday in particular also a must as there are also difficulties. But climbs up a bit concerned about temperature at night ( I ’ d have lots of in... Following message to me, my son ’ s more on a fantastic resource of the GR of! For filing snow reports – Luz – Cauterets is good, passing large snow patches and eventually ended in... Be split over two days good stretch that is sufficiently cool not to them... Or the Mairie in Siguer still has a basic dormitory which is only alternative! I hope you can wildcamp in many areas ( overnight only ) near! Because they are designed for walkers on GR10 looking to do some walking in the other big organisation the. On there is less protection from the sheer physical difficulty of this option is to in... Cell phone coverage like Refuge Sarradets is closed due to avalanche damage, sleep gites. Ideal that we found we were thinking of walking part is beautiful own pace starting points, carry max including! Am trying to find some less protection from the Med Pyrenees than by a.! A starting point for our local hospice, it is too long for you Steve... Arrive in Europe ( northern Spain ) in the Cabannes de Cézy or buy the maps stretch while avoiding afternoon!