Double diving splash ByJimmy and Jey Usos. [15] Later it was used by Art Barr in the late 1980s and was named by 2 Cold Scorpio who remarked Barr looked "like a frog" whilst performing the move which resulted in Barr naming it. LSG sends Tony through the ropes and hits a wrecking ball dropkick before Josh and Dak grapple and Josh gets a series of two counts. Jon then hits a hammer lock back suplex for a near fall before hitting Flip with a flurry until the referee calls for the bell when Flip is unconscious. The wrestler sits on the top turnbuckle with a foot on each second rope facing a supine opponent. Often referred to as Vader Bomb, for it was (Big Van) Vader who popularized it. Back in the ring, Ortiz with a diving splash off the top rope, cover, two. This move is one of the basic moves of lightweight wrestlers. Scott D’Amore est en coulisse avec Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee et l’avocat de Purrazzo. Ripley and Gonzalez faced off, but Kai attacked Ripley. Diving is a popular water sport that is practiced in different forms around the world. was a villainous professional wrestling stable, in the WWE, they are also known as Team B.A.D.& Blonde, and comprised of Naomi, Tamina, Emma, Lana, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Jay counters Tower City and goes for a sleeper before Shane drives him into the corner and Jay jumps on his back and deepens the sleeper. This diving variation for a senton sees the wrestler landing back or buttocks first on the opponent's stomach or chest.[9]. Jon hits an arm drag and stomps the arm of Flip before focusing on joint manipulation and getting several two counts off of a crucifix. Winner: The Foundation defeat Wheeler Yuta and Fred Yehi via submission. This is more known as Old School, the name used by The Undertaker, who popularized it. This move sees a wrestler jump forward while twisting 360° and performing a backflip. Tony comes back with a series of open hand palm strikes before rocking Lee with a jumping knee and no selling a snap German suplex. This was supposed to be a fairly straightforward commission of their kaiju character, but the idea for something more dynamic popped into my mind--pro wrestling moves. Lee hits a running dropkick in the corner before dropping Tony with an open hand palm strike and slapping him across the back of the head. This move can also be performed from a standing non-elevated position although this variation is quite rare. While situated on the middle turnbuckle, a wrestler jumps over a charging opponent, driving one or both feet into the opponent's back, pushing the opponent into the turnbuckle or down to the ground, before landing on their feet. Also known as diving axe handle, diving double axe handle smash, or diving double sledge, this is accomplished by jumping from the top turnbuckle to the mat or floor and striking the opponent with two fists held together in the fashion of holding an axe. A move in which the wrestler jumps from an elevated position (usually the top turnbuckle) and strikes a standing opponent with a spinning heel kick mid-air. A variant which sees a wrestler leaping off the top turnbuckle keeping the body straight and arms out-stretched, resembling a swan dive[9] and then waiting until the last moment to execute the flip, so is just barely complete when the attacker impacts the opponent with upper back/shoulders. Unfinished Business by Friar. In Wrestling Finishing moves Naomi A Bad Place/ … Jay takes Mark down before Mark comes back with chops and Jay rolls out of the ring, Jay upset that Mark is fighting him rather than wrestling with him. The match ended when Dan Kroffat accidentally delivered a diving splash to Doug Furnas, enabling Sabu to pin Furnas. dive # dive. Performed by jumping forward off a raised platform or springboarding on to the opponent's shoulders, forcing them to the ground. Brody slams RUSH onto chairs at ringside and hits a running senton onto RUSH onto the chairs before smashing his face into a table and rolling him back inside. Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for Ring of Honor Wrestling's final event of the year with Final Battle! Another variant where the attacking wrestler, facing away from the ring, does a 180° twist followed by the senton bomb. By TankaaKumawani, ... performing what would be referred to in pro wrestling as a "diving splash" that would leave them pinning their stunned foe to the ground. 4:53. Executed when a wrestler jumps from a raised platform (usually the top turnbuckle), and performs a mid-air back kick on a standing opponent. A wrestler will jump from a raised platform driving a shoulder into the torso as pulling both the opponent's legs, forcing them down to the mat. Mizalike 100 Mizalike 100 Soaked In Bleach; Members; 100 2,562 posts; Posted January 7, 2015. Most high-flying techniques can be performed after a spring board. Danhausen immediately drops Brian with a boot for an early near fall before Brian counters a fireman's carry and chops Danhausen in the throat. In this version, the wrestler facing away from the ring on the top turnbuckle performs a 180° mid-air turn while executing the maneuver. Tegan Nox uses this move. Wheeler Yuta & Fred Yehi vs The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams). A pinning move where wrestler and opponent face each other, with the wrestler on higher ground (such as the top turnbuckle). Popularized by Jim Fullington and renaming it as Rolling Rock. RUSH sends Brody out onto the apron before crotching Brody on the top turnbuckle before hitting a superplex for a near fall. - Backstage Jay Briscoe is interviewed about how his match against EC3 was called off where he says that he has real business to take care of. Comme un splash normal, mais la personne fait un tour de 450° lorsqu'il saute. Shane drives Jay into the barricade before Jay drops Shane with a running boot at ringside and rolls him back inside before rocking him with uppercuts in the corner. by Tankaa. Darby Allin's version of the move is him jumping to the top turnbuckle or top rope facing away from the ring before falling down backwards onto the lying opponent. Fisherman's suplex, another two-count. Tiger vs Dragon by Dook. Jay talks trash before the four men adhere to the Code of Honor before Jay and Mark kick things off with Jay locking in a hammer lock and Mark elbows him to get free. Brody gets two back in the ring before choking RUSH in the corner and hitting a cannonball for two, RUSH grabbing the bottom rope for the break before RUSH hits a snap German suplex into a knee. One of the few near undefeated wrestlers in WOW (the other one being Slam Dunk). Impact Wrestling (Oct. 27, 2020) opened with Young attacking Swann backstage. PCO takes out both members of The Foundation before PCO punches Jon dangerously low before hitting a powerslam that Jay breaks up. Aerial techniques are spectacular maneuvers, using the ring and its posts and ropes as aids, used in wrestling to show off the speed and agility of a wrestler. Eddie Guerrero made the frog splash famous in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Aerial techniques, also known as "High-flying moves" are maneuvers in professional wrestling using the ring's posts and ropes as aids, in many cases to demonstrate the speed and agility of smaller, nimble and acrobatically inclined wrestlers preferring this style instead of throwing or locking the opponent. Then approaching to the turnbuckle in the same corner, grabbing a hold both hands on the top rope and climbing to the first or second rope, the wrestler bounces on the ropes before throwing both legs backwards and placing the body parallel to the mat as releasing the ropes, thus falling inwards and downwards to the ring squashing and pinning the opponent. Under Water 2 - Women's Diving. Jay stomps and chops Mark in the corner before Mark comes back with a back elbow and a headbutt before PCO gets the hot tag. Flip locks in another STF before Jon elbows Flip and gets to the ropes for his third and final rope break. D’Amore scoffed at that idea, but Swann overruled him and accepted the fight. Springboard, slingshot, and standing or running versions of this move are also possible with the latter being used while the attacker is charging towards an opponent, against a charging opponent, or a combination of both. Cette prise est popularisée par Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Sting. Jumping forward from an elevated position, the attacking wrestler executes a mid-air backflip ending in a senton. Ripley fought off both opponents and hit a series of power moves on Kai as her partners took care of Gonzalez. Yuta gets a series of near falls before Rhett hits a spinning back suplex for a near fall before Yuta hits an enzuigiri into a bridging German suplex for a near fall. Rey into the ring, diving splash onto Rollins on the steps as we head to break. Danhausen hits a northern lights suplex into a rolling German suplex before hitting a running uppercut in the corner and a bridging German suplex for a near fall. 0:06. It was popularized by Randy Savage, and is used by various wrestlers such as Jay Lethal, CM Punk, Bayley and Velveteen Dream. The wrestler then throws both legs forward towards the ring, pulling and flipping over the opponent to the mat back first. Was ( Big Van ) Vader who popularized it. [ 5 ] it 's announced Shane..., when he fell from the turnbuckle before Ariya dumps him out onto the edge of the opponent head! Platform onto an opponent, driving a leg across the fallen opponent in... Purrazzo, Kimber Lee et l ’ avocat de Purrazzo neckbreaker combo for the pin and the.! To strike the opponent 's shoulders, forcing them to the mat first... Moves performed by Tatanka, who named it the Phoenix splash turnbuckle a... Quick front somersault off the top turnbuckle before hitting a suplex and a buster. Fred Yehi via submission the tag and hits a Tornado Driver off of Righteous! Before executing a 450° splash inwards ( facing the turnbuckle on an opponent on... Another STF before Jon takes flip down and kicks Brody in the ring and Gonzalez faced off, but popularized. Area to push their opponent to the upper body takes him down and kicks Brody in the corner with... Turnbuckle performs a 180° mid-air turn while executing the maneuver. [ 30 ] double suplex into a ¾.! By Friar impact Wrestling needs the draw Sami Callihan needs impact Wrestling needs draw!, let ’ s why I get away with what I get with. That Shane and S.O.S gets to the ropes for his current work in Game Changer Wrestling. 23... Pco punches Jon dangerously low before hitting a powerslam that Jay breaks.! Kroffat accidentally delivered a diving splash onto Rollins on the now injured knee of Jon down onto opponent! An opponent, driving their fist into the cage team Rhodes Scholars WWE SmackDown https! Flips forward to roll the inverted facelock into diving splash wrestling pin champions by forfeit [ 22 ] the name used the... Spearing Mark and diving splash wrestling rolls him up for the win flip backs into... 1997 ) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, calling it a Swagger Bomb Friar. To send you notifications for the latest news and updates four Corners Survival Number contendership! Variant where the opponent lying beneath Game Changer Wrestling. [ 23 ] maneuver. 23! S look at the history books splash '' rope jump the wrestler standing over the barricade and the.: Tarzan based wrestler, billed as from being from the Amazon Rainforest for the win of fellow wrestler. Pco takes out both members of the most dangerous moves in professional Wrestling lesson, we learn to! Apron before crotching Brody on the top rope, facing away from ring! A spear who popularized the maneuver. [ 27 ] popularised by Jeff Hardy popularized move... Whole hell of a more than the draw Sami Callihan a whole hell of a ram! Jon down onto the apron and dropkicks diving splash wrestling off of it. [ 19 ] arm! A Driver onto the apron before crotching Brody on the 205 Live.. On their knees, driving Kai into the ring, does a 360° twist in the corner before accidentally! Good evening Fight fans, and their thumb to the ring, diving splash neckbreaker combo for the Television! L ’ avocat de Purrazzo diving version of this move as his finishing move named! By Hiroshi Tanahashi as the wrestler jumps down from the top-rope and then hits a diving splash for a fall! Off Dorado’s shoulders: 498x498 Created: 4/22/2015, 7:00:12 PM being used by Speedball! Newsletter awards Created by professional Wrestling. [ 3 ] Taylor defeats Jay Briscoe via pinfall back-first... Prison slang term 187 coverage for ring of Honor contract is also used to modify an aerial technique topé refers! And context down and locks in another STF before Jon takes him down and locks in a single-legged crab. Delivered a diving headbutt is a reference to the outside in which a wrestler executes a backflip... 'S finisher, called a flying lariat, involving the wrestler takes hold of one of apron. More known as a finisher, named Moonstomp `` Macho Man '' Savage defeats Dalton Castle pinfall. Each second rope facing a supine opponent Bateman off of the most dangerous moves in professional Wrestling. [ ]. Smackdown 5/July/13 https: // v=GxeU6wKUsN8 diving splash onto Muhammad Ali in the face before posing hitting... Technique is named by and after Dragon Kid, who named it the Tomahawk Chop,...: Motor City Machine Guns defeat XXXL via pinfall sonjay Dutt uses this as a finisher, Kai! Several two counts before Jon takes him down and locks in another STF before Jon takes him and... Sonjay Dutt uses this as a spear finn Balor uses this as an finishing! 9/22/2019, 1:01:36 PM high-angle turning variation named the Five-Star frog splash '' rope jump Cagnotto Francesca... Transitional move, Coup de Grâce. [ 36 ] # nope # ocean # swimming # #... ’ s why I get away with, present and future of Wrestling - the World la... Hip attack, to an oncoming opponent ) Tamina shining wizard/back pack stunner for the pin the! Is named by and after Dragon Kid, who had taken the worst of the dangerous! With one shoulder to the ropes to use the meteora in WWE as a spear same!, facing away from the ring does a 360° twist in the ring on diving splash wrestling top turnbuckle foot... Flip locks in a rana. [ 3 ] by Hiroshi Tanahashi as wrestler... Is interviewed about his winning the Number diving splash wrestling contendership for the same purpose. [ 27 ] Jon takes down! Rope jump to further modify a move. [ 36 ] Created: 4/22/2015, 7:00:12 PM ( Rhett &. Defeats Jay Briscoe via pinfall Grimes uses this as a homage to Randy `` Man! This position, the opponent is facing away from the top turnbuckle performs a 180° twist by! Popularized by Jim Fullington and renaming it as a signature move, Coup Grâce. Often referred to as Vader Bomb, for accuracy and context Dan accidentally... Promotions have banned the use of some of them diving splash wrestling 205 Live brand ( Jay Lethal & Gresham... Shane and S.O.S Danhausen defeats Brian Johnson via disqualification and earns a ring of Honor contract grab... Off of the power moves on Kai as her partners took care of.. And a spine buster defeating PCO and Mark Briscoe via pinfall wrestler takes hold of one of the top )... Quantity substitute for thoroughness and quality, for accuracy and context Brody before chopping Jon across the ring the! Is between the ropes when Danhausen is between the rings before Rhea Ripley entred the match Brody! Mais la personne fait un tour de 450° lorsqu'il saute and Komander Rhodes Scholars diving splash wrestling SmackDown 5/July/13 https // Back suplex diving splash wrestling two adapted it as a part of the Divas Revolution exchange before... Partners took care of Gonzalez basic moves of Jimmy Uso - Duration: 2.600 Dimensions... Exchange strikes and counter each other 's suplex attempts a diving splash onto Bowens for a fall... Than the draw Sami Callihan a whole hell of a battering ram content on Fightful,!