My Quip cloud files are my tickler files for everything. You've also probably spent a bit of time browsing this sub, getting intimidated and excited by the journals of our other users. I think of a bullet journal page as somewhere I can store lots of things I want to remember later. Reality about putting what YOU need together and it’s functional. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "joutoaheame-20"; That being said, this more graphical form of journaling might provide unique benefits, several experts believe. Commonplace books are more my speed. Thanks for the freedom to enjoy a non-traditional bullet journal! The power of the Bullet Journal is that you can mix and match these modules to best suit your needs. Emotionally, step the hell back, and if you can't do that, it might not be time for a habit tracker. There’s really no system or rules when it comes to these types of every day, everything notebooks. Finished Items – so if I don’t use the key for bulleting, how do I know if something is done and I can X it off the list? amzn_assoc_region = "US"; … And not much room to move stuff around. There’s ... Read More about How to Use a Bullet Journal … K eep things in your bullet journal that you can keep referring back to. Whenever I’m around other bullet journal enthusiasts, I feel like I need to justify why I’m different than everyone else. So I gave it a second look and tried to understand why so many people were obsessed with their bullet journals. Source : @littleolivebujo source source Source : @AminaOmar sur Instagram Source Source source source