Customer Reviews: Customers has given this product a rating of 4.1 because of its features i.e. Beavertail Phantom Duck Hunting Kayak. Take the time to do this right. I would recommend going with conduit instead of the PVC, but the idea stays the same. Features: These hunting kayaks for sale are portable. This design eliminates that problem. Plus this can be ordered in just about any length possible for really cheap. Surprisingly enough the kayaks on this list are eligible for free delivery. Consider using foam doors. This helps protect from mud, marsh, and rain. From sliding frames to flip down or flip open doors, I have tried it all. After joining with Vista Outdoors, Primos paired with Final Approach bringing waterfowl cases and bags. Second, when you have doors on a kayak, there is a good chance they are going to get wet from getting in and out of the blind or opening them while shooting. One of the best ways to have a blind with flip open doors is to buy a cheap layout blind and custom fit it to your kayak. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Check Latest Price. Pick the Right River. And also, since the 1st panel doesn’t move when you sit up to shoot, your gun can’t be pointed forward underneath the blind. All Right Reserved. Many even take just a few days so time is pretty quick. One great benefit that duck hunting from a kayak gives you is the ability to reach secluded locations that would otherwise be unreachable by foot or a motorized boat. One last idea to leave you with if you want to go for this design. Recommended Posts. The longer kayak also allows for more decoy storage. A place to secure your … Therefore, pay attention to the material used on the kayak you are purchasing. The Stealth 1200 is a compact rugged kayak that is made for duck hunters and has all of the amenities that hunters desire. As the weather cools and late fall turns to winter, my focus shifts from the ten month pursuit of fish from my kayak. The bags are made in various sizes and colors, but I usually use a 5L or 10L bag which provides more than enough room for my wallet, keys, phone, and camera. Access Hard to Reach Areas – NuCanoe kayaks require only 4″ of depth and 40″ of width to move through the water. It made it less than 3 weeks into the season before I re-worked it. Although it’s a bit large for one person it can be done, and when used this way it provides a ton of space for numerous bags of decoys or a dog. The brown color scheme is easy to hide in a marsh or along a weed edge. This duck hunting kayak setup has its advantages in that it allows for a solid covering. The benefit with this type of door on a duck hunting kayak setup is that you can climb into the kayak with the doors closed, and then pull them on top of you. This design can be dual purpose, but it really shines for late season layout hunting. This is a sturdy and resistant catamaran-style kayak with superb stability and a practical non-skid surface, which will allow you to shoot, throw decoys, and move with freedom all around the spacious vessel. I used some 600 denier camouflage Cordura and made a slip over cover that attached to the kayak with bungee cord. This is a sturdy and resistant catamaran-style kayak with superb stability and a practical non-skid surface, which will allow you to shoot, throw decoys, and move with freedom all around the spacious vessel. The material is easy to work with it can be cut or joined with Zip Ties. [amazon box=”B07L8Y31FT” title=”Sundolphin Boss SS Review”] If you are … The backrests are a live saver if you have a long paddle. A kayak has to be durable enough to make it over and through this without being damaged or take on water. "And shooting from a kayak can be a lot more comfortable than standing waist-deep in cold water. Similar to the Sun Dolphin this kayak offers the versatility to fish out of it as well, with built-in rod holders and wet and dry storage this kayak will not only be great for fall duck hunting but summer fishing as well. Lifetime Triton Angler 100 Fishing Kayak, Olive Green Buy Now. If you go with a heavier fabric you may need an industrial sewing machine. Be safe and think of having a dry bag along with dry cloths in case of a tip over. Grab your morning coffee because the Ocean Kayak has a molded-in cup holder to keep the thermos upright. Brad Biere of St. Charles, Missouri, is 35 and has been hunting waterfowl for about 12 years. Layout Blind with flip down doors: When I decided I needed a lower profile for late season hunting out of my kayak, this was the first design I came up with. Do you plan to use your duck hunting kayak setup only for transportation and then hide in the weeds? One of the main factors for getting a kayak is to have ease of use or maneuverability to fit into swamps, marshes, and rivers. This is getting lengthy, but I know kayak duck hunting is not a one size fits all solution. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "waterfowl00-20"; If you’ve ever tried to hunt out of a kayak losing the paddle is one of the challenges. Now let’s talk disadvantages. The conduit will slide up and down inside the PVC. However, the speed and control of a kayak is much faster than a canoe or paddle boat. Plus it’s also made of a soft neoprene to dry out quickly and provide a cushion. There's simply no kayak better than an Ascend. It seems a little complicated at first but it makes much more sense if you see this video: I built a sliding frame blind on one of my spare Pelican Trailblazer kayaks but it never saw use in the water. Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind. You may need to make a simple plate to mount so you can control it. Cabellas sell a kayak for duck hunting. An 8 or 9′ kayak sounds like a lot of space, but it can fill up quickly so having 11′ feet will provide a lot of space for decoys and gear. 2014 was the first season where we specifically targeted waterfowl, and spent the majority of a season hunting public land. If you’ve ever tried to enter a canoe or closed hull kayak with waders it’s quite unstable. And with four grab handles it makes it easy to handle on and off the water. This duck hunting kayak setup allows you to surround yourself with natural vegetation; Cons: Your profile off the water is still about the same as it would be if you were sitting on a bucket; Doors can make it tricky to paddle Instead, I looked into canoes and kayaks, finding that the kayak was the most versatile, fastest, and most stable small boats to hunt from. Now it’s not the cheapest addition, surprisingly though they are less than a few hundred dollars. It can launch where other waterfowl boats can’t. Some of the cheaper brands don’t fold down and tend to stick up anytime your using them. Aluminum Fishing Boats Aluminum Boat Mud Motor Folding Boat Bow Fishing John Boats Boat Blinds Boston Whaler Tiny Camper. Zip Ties – Pick up a package of small and large zip ties. In addition to this having an open kayak also provides you with a lot of storage for decoys, gear, and your gun. Even if the kayak isn’t at your nearest store, they will ship store to store for free. Only minor modifications to kayak to bolt the blind on. Finally, if you don’t want to hunt in full layout mode, simply leave the 2nd panel folded down, and sit upright with the 1st panel coming up to your waist. I was hunting in a friend’s blind on Back Bay in Virginia Beach, a body of water rich with duck hunting history. They were cheap and simple to use. The kayaks for duck hunting will have special features that allow you to easily hunt the ducks. If you are experiencing new bodies of water or need to remember the best way to navigate into a marsh. As a result, you get plenty of storage for decoys unlike any other kayak on this list. From decoy trailers to duck boats, means of getting to those spots have become expensive. Since a kayak only sites about 2-3″ into the water it can go over and through just about any small river, marsh, or lake. Kayak Duck Hunting By: Evan Shearer It was a cool crisp morning and the sun was just about to creep up over the horizon. You also need a boat that has a bungee system. It might be a little rough, but we are going to be chopping it up so a few tears in the fabric won’t hurt anything. Which is what I plan to do with this kayak. Words and photos by Jeff Little. I recommend using 600 denier because a regular sewing machine should work. Transform your kayak into a hunting machine with the YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind. So instead I opt for camo burlap or canvas to throw over the kayak. I use this case for my Berretta A391, it keeps it dry and not that I’m going to test throwing my gun in the lake, but the case does float. A suitable watercraft is definitely essential when you are out hunting in water. Then the final step is to create the doors. I don’t know how many times I scouted a place and thought I knew the way to my spot. Make sense? Or do you want to sit upright to hunt, or layout in the bottom? This duck hunting kayak is an excellent choice for rivers and lakes and getting to those hard to reach fishing spots. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Therefore, it is perfect to use for lakes and marshland. Last, each passenger has a rod holder, that can be removed when not fishing. They are really easy to use, simply throw your stuff in them and roll them up.