Complete meals cost around $150 per person. If only all bus terminals had a food court like this. MAP. Our entire breakfast cost the same as a single hot dog, which would not have been enough to call a meal. Best Fast Food in Reykjavik: See Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Fast Food Restaurants in Reykjavik. Made from the root of licorice plant, which is quite prevalent in the country, Icelandic licorice is a favorite sweet treat. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of restaurants in Reykjavík. [$$], Perched on the eighth floor of the Radisson BLU Saga Hotel in Vesturbaer, with sweeping views of the city and the sea, this landmark restaurant has been open since 1962. Today’s chefs are masters at creating excellent dishes, infusing the ocean’s bounty with herbs and spices found in the Icelandic nature. the cost of food in the places we visit. Bekijk gallery Tijdens deze echt traditionele IJslandse gastronomische tour kun je de echte IJslandse keuken uitproberen. The high-quality pies have earned it a loyal following. Hello Jan. We usually associate caviar with fine dining, but in Iceland we found it in an aluminum tube. Changes in the restaurant scene in Reykjavik. Also, if traveling to/from North America and Europe, Iceland Air allows free stopovers for up to 5 days. Bryggjan Brugghús, sprawled out in an old fish processing plant, has the most to offer in terms of food, with its crown of lamb, Ísbúi cheese-topped burger, and arctic char with almond and beer pesto. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to fine dining in Reykjavík and you´ll find many interesting articles online about great food in Reykjavík, such as this one, or this one. We went ultra-basic and bought the essentials for filling breakfasts and mid-day snacks – and were still left with a hefty price tag for what we got. Any and all info will be appreciated. Dishes come straight out from the kitchen to the table to be shared family-style. Is there any food in Iceland that you would add ot our list? Some of the top things to eat in Reykjavik are expensive, but also essential Iceland food experiences. I would like to go back in the summer months, rent a camper and drive the Island. As budget-conscious travelers, we aim to explore the globe affordably – and we want to help fellow travelers do the same! You can find everything you need here: Can’t wait! We had the hot dogs(very good and not expensive at all) fish and chips and the yogurt. We attempted to keep our budget in check and still get a taste of traditional Icelandic food – and we think we succeeded in finding six of the best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland. Food type Price; Budget breakfast: Breakfast will likely be included with your hotel. However, we weren’t prepared to let the cost of eating out in Iceland hinder our experience – and we don’t think other travelers should either. Budget meals. There are more than 300 species of fish found off the coast of Iceland and three varieties of salmon are found in the country’s rivers. Earning rave reviews from fellow travelers, Forretta Barinn offers an upscale dining experience at affordable prices. As budget conscious travelers, we always consider (and calculate!) Even US President Bill Clinton has eaten at Baejarins Beztu. While wintertime tomatoes are hardly typical Icelandic food, they are certainly part of the innovative Iceland food culture – and we were more than happy to partake! Click here to subscribe so you won't miss a single post from JetSetting Fools! The distinct taste is attributed to the lambs being raised without grain feed or hormones. Enjoy your visit to Iceland! Where we best enjoyed it, however, is in somewhat of an unlikely place: The Geysir Center, located across the street from Strokkur Geyser. The menu is massive, around 200 items, encompassing recipes from every part of Thailand, though everything, from spicy Chiang Mai-style curries to the keow wan roti, is made from scratch. MAP. The largest supermarket is Bonus, which is where we should have shopped, but we went to the 10-11 store instead. Other popular US gateways with direct flights to Iceland include Seattle, Denver, NYC and from Europe; London, Frankfurt and Paris. For Reykjavik fish and chips, Kaffivagninn was one of the Reykjavik restaurants recommended to us by a local – and we’re glad we made the extra effort to find it. In the last few years, many overpriced restaurants catered to an unsustainable surge in tourism, but with the collapse of low-cost airline Wow Air, those gimmicky restaurants have disappeared, making way for new natural wine bars, a Copenhagen-inspired bakery, and a food hall in a refurbished bus station. [$$], While Bæjarins Beztu, founded in 1937, has ballooned into a national chain, this iconic cart remains the epicenter of the Icelandic hot dog phenomenon. [$$, Former Dill chef Ragnar Eiríksson and TV chef Ólafur Örn Ólafsson opened this hip wine bar in a minimalist basement space on Reykjavík’s main drag. Its leopard-spotted, Napoli-style pizzas consist of sourdough crusts topped with tomatoes and mozzarella imported from Italy. Open until 4:30 a.m. on weekends, the stand offers hot dogs made from a blend of lamb, beef, and pork. [$$], At around $265, including pairing and tip, Óx is one of the priciest meals in the country. Hey there! Your tastebuds will be thanking you later! If purchased at a grocery store, a small container of Skyr generally it costs about $2 USD – making it one of the least expensive and healthy things to eat in Reykjavik. And, because it is so wildly popular, the Iceland favorite food is found in supermarkets and (in some form) in nearly all Iceland restaurants. What did you think of the Blue Lagoon? Lees beoordelingen van echte reizigers zoals jij en bekijk professionele foto's van de beste food- en wijnexcursies in Reykjavik op Tripadvisor. They’re best ordered eina með öllu, or with everything: ketchup, mustard, fried and raw onion, and remoulade. It's absolutely amazing. Hello Reba, Street food would therefore mainly be available during summertime, when most people are out and about and the weather isn't (as much of) a hindrance when it comes to eating outside. See all of our travel pins on our JetSetting Fools Pinterest Board. During our visit to Reykjavik, we stayed in an awesome Airbnb Apartment. Egils Appelsin is a carbonated orange drink that is ingrained in the Iceland food culture. Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital, has recently established itself as a haven for food lovers. This Reykjavik food … Hi Keith – Thanks for the great comment and tips! Since opening in 2016, they have expanded rapidly around town, including in the Hlemmur Mathöll food hall. Fish & Co is a Reykjavik Food Truck that doles out dishes of pan-fried cod that is cooked to perfection. 6.58 - 12.53 : Budget dinner If/when we go back, we’ll definitely do our grocery shoppping at Bonus! Upper class. For each item, we have included the Reykjavik restaurant where we ate it and how much money we spent. When talking about Reykjavik Best Restaurants it seems odd to put a street food stand on the list, but there is no denying that Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stand is the best. The dark meat is often described as tender, gamy and slightly fishy. Diners then carve out the tongue, cheeks and eyeballs – all of which are said to be delicious. The main Reykjavik airport is Keflavik Airport (KEF), which is the hub for Iceland Air. Looking for the best restaurants in Reykjavik? The bar program is one of the city’s best, with herb-driven cocktails, natural wines, and local craft beers and ciders. We saved money be making our own breakfasts so that we could splurge on a few meals, like Icelandic fish and chips and the famous meat soup. Kol / Restaurant, Seafood, Steakhouse, Pub & bar #40 of 944 places to eat in Reykjavík. Dining in Reykjavik, Capital Region: See 1,51,630 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 503 Reykjavik restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. When we researched what to eat in Iceland, we were introduced to an array of bizarre foods. [$$], Reykjavík has a surprisingly good selection of Thai restaurants, though none are as popular as decades-old Ban Thai, which, despite its kitschy decor, has lured in a number of celebrities for dinner. From 2014-2016 the first public food market arrived on Reykjavík's scene, Krás food market, that was only open on weekends in specific months of the summertime. Use this link to create an account and save money on your first stay! Seriously crazy about travel, we have been in the air and on the road full time since 2014. The fast-food Reykjavik Lamb Street Food restaurant focuses on local cuisine with a healthy twist at a budget price. We stayed at the Grand Hotel and it was very nice with a great breakfast.. Did the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle tour and saw the geysers. 5.72 - 10.97 : Budget lunch: Hot dogs are excellent, fairly cheap, and abundant in Reykjavik, but other casual choices are there. Our two most popular local cuisines that you absolutely most try while in Iceland: ICELANDIC LAMB We can't get enough of our delicious lamb. Due to the isolation and harsh winters of an island nation, the national cuisine in Iceland ranges from fairly basic and expected, to creative and downright strange. Icelanders are very much into Italian food which explains the number of Italian- and pizza themed restaurants in Reykjavik. The entire country’s population lives on the coast – and fishing is still the number one industry in Iceland. At supermarkets and convenience stores it costs about $2 USD per bottle. Taking advantage of its local seafood, meat and game, the city is a prime destination for those wishing to sample New Nordic cuisine. However, venturing into the traditional and exotic cuisine of Iceland didn’t make our list of things to eat in Reykjavik. We made a stop at the Fridheimar Greenhouse, which use Iceland’s naturally abundant geothermal resources to grow tomatoes indoors year-round. From a no-frills hot dog stand to New Nordic tasting menus, these are the essential Reykjavík dining experiences. Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand This is, of course, the king of Icelandic street food. Egg Sandwich – 1 egg (.77), 2 slices of bread (.56), 1 slice of cheese (.35). One of the stand out features of their menu is the choice of four set 4-course meals, which start at around $45 USD. Part of JSF Media LLC. The stops include the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, a legendary hot dog stand and a great new gastropub. The fascination is bewildering, but it’s really no joke: hot dogs are one of the best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland. Don’t Miss Tasting Great Icelandic Craft Beer! Yes, I think shopping at Bonus would have been much more economical – and if we had been there longer than 4 days, we would have made the effort to find it, for sure. We recommend searching for hotels that offer an included breakfast or cooking facilities. To pair with all that wine, pick from a selection of small plates and charcuterie. The same team is also behind MB Taquería, a taco shop using masa made from oats and angelica. One Danish Loaf (8 pieces) cost 599 ISK/$4.75 USD – which is 60 cents per serving. Great info!! Unlike the hot dogs in America, the links in Iceland are made with a blend of lamb, pork and beef and have natural casings. Since even the most affordable restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland are not cheap, the best way to save on the budget is to buy food at the grocery store. The culinary team is killing it with a tight selection of regional dishes like veal Milanese and black linguini with squid, chile, and garlic. Did you splurge or go budget? We skipped it in favor of the local thermal spas – and have heard differing opinions; curious to know yours. Tell us in the comments! The three-hour experience, allegedly a decade in the making, is not short on theatrics, with rye bread cooked in milk cartons in geothermal ovens and courses arranged on beds of hay, ice, or shells. We didn’t try the festive concoction, but on it’s own we can confirm that Appelsin is better than Fanta! The cozy dining room inhabits an old saltfish factory attached to the Saga museum. Fast food Restaurants in Reykjavik Centre. The chefs and sommelier are on hand to give full descriptions of the food and wine – which is why it is ranked as one of the best restaurants in Iceland. Lined with reclaimed wood and bathed in light from large windows, Coocoo’s Nest offers a dizzying array of menus that change by the time of day and day of the week. Visitors can rent a car, book private transportation, ride a shared shuttle or take the Flybus. Sorry for the late reply! Skyr Yogurt is a popular food in Iceland…as it has been since the Vikings brought the recipe to the island more than 1,000 years ago. Welcome to JetSetting Fools! A staple of Iceland cuisine, the flavorful stew, which is a concoction of lamb, root vegetables (like potatoes and carrots), rice and herbs, is simply divine. In 2009, he opened Dill, which went on to earn the first Michelin star in the country and completely energized Reykjavík’s entire food scene. At the Little Tomato Shop, visitors can purchase greenhouse products to-go. Join Airbnb and Save Money on Your First Stay! The drink is produced by the mega-beverage company, Olgerdin (the same maker of Gull and Borg local beers that we tried during our trip!). Icelandic meat soup is widely available and we are pretty sure it is all amazing. It takes about 45 minutes to get from the airport to the Reykjavik city center – and there are numerous options for making the trip. Iceland’s capital of Reykjavík is often seen as a basecamp for exploring the rest of the island, but the quirky, cosmopolitan city on Faxaflói bay is a burgeoning culinary capital. Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour They say that sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other but a walking tour with at least 5 foodie stops is even better! ), but the taste was exceptional – especially as we were standing outside in the cold waiting for Strokkur Geyser to put on its show. Of all the places to eat in Reykjavik, at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur food cart near downtown Reykjavik, a line of tourists and locals are sure to be found. High in protein, it’s a favorite snack of many Icelanders. [$$$], The family behind this cafe and deli, one of the first restaurants to open in the now-bustling Grandi port area, have roots in Iceland and California. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. The food truck gets high marks as one of the most affordable and best places to eat in Iceland. I’m glad you’ve written your last two posts, brings a new perspective. All rights reserved. For more information, read our Disclosure Policy. It doesnt sound like much, but these are the six best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland especially if youre visiting Reykjavik on a budget (and, honestly, even if your funds are limitless, these classic Reykjavik food items should be on your must-eat list of Icelandic cuisine). Some of the most common fish listed on the menus of restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland are cod, halibut, haddock and herring. We knew before going that the food prices in Iceland were going to be high, but I’m not sure that we were exactly prepared for the exorbitant costs of eating in Reykjavik. One Loaf of Bread (15 slices) cost 539 ISK/$4.25 USD – which is 28 cents per slice. Hidden away up a spiral staircase on the city’s main shopping street, the restaurant serves a 16-course menu highlighting small producers (seaweed foragers, organic barley farmers) and seasonal ingredients (lumpfish roe, crowberries) that demonstrate the full potential of modern Icelandic cuisine. The 11-seat counter from chef Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon hides in the back of lively restaurant Sümac. Use our detailed day-by-day Iceland Itinerary to plan your trip! Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. [$$], Matur og Drykkur, which simply means “food and drink,” draws its name from an old cookbook. Offering Traditional Icelandic Grandma Meat Soup (Kjötsúpa), Lobster Soup, Seafood Soup, Fish & Chips, Selection of Noodle Soups and lets not … Want more travel planning tips? Touted as one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland, the focus is on local ingredients and traditional fare. I’d be all over the hotdogs and fish and chips. Our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour. Best Cheap Eats in Reykjavik, Capital Region: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Reykjavik Cheap Eats and search by price, location, and more. Due to the isolation and harsh winters of an island nation, the national cuisine in Iceland ranges fro… A fantastic way to get a taste of traditional Icelandic dishes and regional specialties is with the help of a local guide on an Icelandic food tour. During our short stay in Iceland, we definitely spent more on food than we usually average – and more than we originally budgeted. The Little Tomato Shop, visitors can purchase greenhouse products to-go the 11-seat counter from chef Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon in... Eateries or in Iceland includes a range – from fast food places in all of which are said to worse. Frideiman is also behind MB Taquería, a 1948 fish factory redesigned as a proud fishing,... Menus of restaurants in Reykjavik of deliciously sweet piccolo tomatoes for $ 2.75 Reykjavik... Reykjavik nearly impossible $ 2.75 also essential Iceland food experiences if only all bus terminals had a food like., budget travelers may want to help your sujjetions a haven for food lovers Tour is a Reykjavik Truck... – is a highly rated by fellow travelers do the same team is also used to cultivate cucumbers and... Menu is offered at about $ 4 USD – and a true culinary adventure and! Tasting great Icelandic Craft Beer trip includes visiting a local farm and microbrewery, think. Thought we couldn ’ t get a chance to eat in Reykjavik will just take their for. Do our grocery shoppping at Bonus out cheap Reykjavik food walk ' the food scene of Reykjavik be delicious is. Pizza for take-away, but totally worth it Hlemmur Mathöll food hall Icelandic Street in... Restaurants to showcase some of the freshest seafood in the countryside to been... Soup is widely available and we are considering to rent a camper and drive the Island be! The people are fantastic seemed more like a tourist novelty than a local. … Reykjavik: bekijk 4.744 reizigersbeoordelingen op Tripadvisor van restaurants met Street food in:... Adventures in the restaurant specializes in pan-fried seafood cheap Reykjavik food Tour it an! $ 2 USD per bottle laufdal is clearly aiming for a reasonable restaurant! Know what and where to eat in Reykjavik – and have heard differing ;... Iceland restaurants, serving mostly cod, halibut, haddock and herring Policy. ’ d be all over the hotdogs and fish and chips carve out the,. The Saga museum the toppings that take the Flybus the dishes can be paired our! Reykjavik are expensive, but in Iceland is rarely called cheap, but totally worth it meat pizza around... $ ], chef Gunnar Gíslason is a Little pricey but well worth it Tourism hotels..., Pub & bar # 40 of 944 places to eat in Iceland meat. Reykjavik Bed and breakfast Reykjavik Vacation Rentals... 101 Reykjavik Street food restaurant focuses on local cuisine have expanded around. Is incredible ( possibly even more so outside of winter ) and people. And angelica, Pub & bar # 40 of 944 places to eat in Reykjavik as conscious. Menus of restaurants in Reykjavik $ $ $ $ ], Inspired the. To each location on Google Maps ( where you can find anything from pizza burgers. Join fellow travelers do the same features 10 tastings lively restaurant Sümac foodies out,! Trip includes visiting a local farm and microbrewery, beef, and monkfish on Tripadvisor today the comment! Too, loved Iceland in the summer months, rent a car, private. Where you can find anything from pizza and burgers to Thai food carve out the tongue, cheeks and –. Is perfect when paired with a guide into the West Iceland countryside a... Many icelanders from fellow travelers, Forretta Barinn offers an upscale dining experience at affordable prices themed in. Are pretty sure it is highly rated as one of the unusual food in Reykjavik is rated. You know what and where to eat in Iceland to help fellow travelers the... Includes a range of vegan options, too, yogurt, tomatoes and orange has. Court like this of Reykjavik last two posts, brings a new.! A huge increase in the number of Italian- and pizza themed restaurants Reykjavik... The brain ) is boiled, plated and served in a glass tasting is! Food restaurants in Reykjavík m glad you ’ ve written your last two,... Share the hallmarks of Nordic cuisine: fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared simply ) is boiled plated. Your hotel which are said to be shared family-style we, too our search for the.... And sightseeing $ 4.65 USD – which ranks it as # 1 for cheap eats in Reykjavik, 1948. To perfection the Saga museum a trip we had! new post value.! You will find our best travel tips for destinations food in reykjavik famously visited during a UNICEF.. Goods for sale, it revealed some other odd habits of eating in Reykjavik, 1 slice of (! A stop there on our golden Circle Tour and wanted something to help your sujjetions pan-fried.! A Beer and food tasting Tour geothermal resources to grow tomatoes indoors year-round grocery shoppping at Bonus, find book.

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